How can I boost my child’s immunity?

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Every parent wants to protect their children from falling sick.

We sit down with senior consultant, Dr Cassandra Loo, from the Department Of Internal Medicine at Raffles Hospital and ask her three questions:

1. How often is too often for a child to catch a cold?
2. Is there anything parents can do to boost their child’s immune system?
3. Are there foods that can boost immunity and keep colds and flu at bay?

One piece of advice she shares is to have at least three food colours at every meal, besides beige and brown. Dr Loo admits it’s hard to achieve that at every meal. She recommends thinking of one green and then getting creative with the other two colours.

Dr Loo shares some of the best methods for boosting your child’s immunity in the article.

Watch her very easy hack on how to make fruits taste sweeter without adding sugar.