With the year-end school holidays around the corner, lots of families are making plans for travel. Kids can experience so much from a trip, including new foods, experiences and sights, as well as quality family time. But travelling with children can also be challenging – juggling schedules, packing lists, and cranky kids are just a few obstacles to overcome.

Long journeys can be made more bearable by teaching kids how to be patient.

Here’s what one mom did. There is a warning here; it involves candy, but desperate times require desperate measures.

  1. Before the trip, have a chat with the kids about the importance and benefits of being patient.
  2. During the trip, set a timer for 30 minutes.
  3. Every 30 minutes, if they didn’t ask for the candy, or ask when we would arrive, they got a piece.

Instead of candy, they could earn stickers or stars to exchange for money to buy something later. The key is to make it measurable and motivating for kids. During those 30 minutes, it’s helpful to have a few mini-games ready, maybe sing some songs, or have a conversation.

This activity has the advantage of having a finite number of candies. The kids can see them, count them, and know when they run out of candy, you’ve arrived.

Always Keep in Mind

Even the most meticulously planned trip and packed bags won’t guarantee a smooth sailing trip for your child. Along the way, you may experience a few bumps. Embrace these bumps as part of the adventure of travelling, and enjoy the journey.

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