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Facts With Hope

Learn helpful evidence-based health tips that can give you an abundant life with Facts with Hope. These 3-minute videos discuss a range of topics relating to health, mental health and personal religion to promote a healthy mind and body.

Finding Home

Finding Home tells Kiwis' compelling stories of heart breaking tragedy, soaring triumphs, amazing tenacity and beautiful tenderness.

Forgive To Live

Every one of us has a story – a hurtful event perpetrated by someone who mattered in our lives. Dr Tibbits' groundbreaking research revealed that a failure to forgive creates an inner anger disturbing our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. This video series will show you how to forgive – insight by insight, step by step, as Dr Dick Tibbits demonstrates how forgiveness can literally save your life.

Fountainview Music

Music videos arranged and orchestrated by students from Fountainview Academy and professionally shot in beautiful Canadian scenery.