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The Dig

Join an excavation team as they uncover dinosaur bones. The Dig is a thought-provoking mini documentary reality series that follows the emotional journey of a group of Christian professors, scientists and students as they spend a month every year undertaking paleontological research in a remote part of Eastern Wyoming.

The Healthy Foodie

** Launching 27 Feb, 5pm** Inspired by the diets of the longest living people in the world, The Healthy Foodie sets out to recreate plant-based dishes that are fuss-free, delicious and yes, your body will thank you for it.

The Incredible Journey

The Incredible Journey series gives Biblical answers to life’s questions through Pastor Gary Kent.

Tree Of Life

**Watch our 100th episode special!** The Tree of Life devotional vlog follows the life of 7 pastors and their reflections on scripture in the everyday.

Tree of Life (Youth Edition)

Can you find messages from God in your daily routine? These youths can! In less than a minute, youths in Singapore share how God is present in their everyday encounters - through their milestones and even the mundane.

Tuesdays Together

Tuesdays Together is a casual gathering of young pastors where they share a Christian take on Singapore’s latest news and current affairs, hitting home the message of hope.