Preschoolers enjoy hands on learning. Children learn best by playing. During play, a child develops concepts and understands how things and ideas fit together. Children are naturally curious and enjoy learning at their own pace.

Here are 25 science and math activities for preschoolers that you can do at home and do not involve worksheets!

Math Activities for Preschoolers

   1. Preschool Math with Duplo Legos – Frugal Fun 4 Boys and Girls
   2. Introducing Addition – Busy Toddler
   3. Count & Bead: Pre-K Math Activity – No Time for Flashcards
   4. Shadow Activity: Build the Blocks to Match – Hands on as We Grow
   5. Ice Cream Math – Fun A Day
   6. Skyscraper Day Building Activity – No Time for Flashcards
   7. Taped Shape Activities – Hands On As We Grow
   8. 2D Shape Hunt – Playdough to Plato
   9. Fine Motor Sun Craft – In The Playroom
  10. Cut and Paste Shape Game for Kids – Playdough to Plato
  11. Cupcake Liners and Puff Balls Counting – Laughing Kids
  12. How Many Legos Long? – Playdough to Plato
  13. Post-it Number Line Activity – Busy Toddler
  14. Preschool Build and Measure Center – Play Teach Repeat
  15. Can of Worms Game – The Preschool Toolbox
  16. Shaving Cream Foam Block Sensory Play – Days with Grey
  17. Easy Sticker Number Match – Busy Toddler
  18. Post-it Number Match – Busy Toddler
  19. Roll & Count Tally Activity – Busy Toddler

Science Activities for Preschoolers

  20. Blowing Balloons with Baking Soda and Vinegar – Hands on as We Grow
  21. Milk Painting – Babble Dabble Do
  22. Microwave Ivory Soap Experiment – Happy Hooligans
  23. Itsy Bitsy Spider Sensory and STEM Activity – Play Teach Repeat
  24. Edible Peanut Butter Playdough – 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  25. Cool Science: Spring Salt Painting – Toddler Approved