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Cooking with Gia & Olive

Searching to be guilt-free when eating unhealthy foods? From making Mac and Cheese without the cheese to dairy-free Pesto, Gia and Olive reveal the easy steps to making healthier alternatives under 3 mins!

Exercise with Alisha

Join Alisha in this video series as she goes through different workouts to strengthen and tone different parts of your body all in 10 minutes.

Facts With Hope

Learn helpful evidence-based health tips that can give you an abundant life with Facts with Hope. These 3-minute videos discuss a range of topics relating to health, mental health and personal religion to promote a healthy mind and body.

Good Food Kitchen

Jeremy Dixon, healthly living advocate and founder of Revive Cafes in New Zealand, shows us how to prepare simple, delicious and healthy dishes that are quick and easy.

Heart Healthy Kitchen

A series of videos featuring wholesome and simple recipes to get you started on your journey to a heathier mind and body. These recipes are entirely plant-based, using affordable local ingredients that can prepared under 15 minutes enough to feed two persons.

Heart to Heart

Heart2Heart is a testimony with a twist. Two people with lives intricately entwined by a common crisis share their story as they both answer sensitive, intimidating or downright hilarious questions.

Live It

Through an easy-to-understand format with animations highlighting Loma Linda University Health research, our online health show inspires viewers to LIVE IT.

Miraculous You

This series focuses on the different miraculous bodily events and processes that occur before, during and after birth from the view point of creationism. This series aims to open up the idea Creationism in a non-conflictual way to those that currently believe in Evolution.

New Freedom To Love

New Freedom to Love is created by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America with the specific goal of raising awareness of the pornography epidemic and giving churches a tool to help members and their families. This 5-part, church-sponsored seminar that opens the subject of pornography up for frank discussion. It provides an educational, holistic look at how pornography affects us bio-chemically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Ready, Set…Cook!

We were created to eat a plant-based diet and avoid meat products to keep our bodies healthy and our minds clear. Fortunately, this doesn’t stop us from making delicious dishes.

Speak Up

Add your opinion to open, honest conversations about mental health and well-being. Join five strong women who balance life and work, while making time to speak up on issues that matter to them.

The Healthy Foodie

** Launching 27 Feb, 5pm** Inspired by the diets of the longest living people in the world, The Healthy Foodie sets out to recreate plant-based dishes that are fuss-free, delicious and yes, your body will thank you for it.

健康新知 Health News

你给我30分钟. 我给你健康一生.

全人生活新指南-烹饪篇 (Cooking Series)


文明人文明病 Modern Man Modern Disease

文明人文明病[中文版]是一套4集的健康节目。在节目中,心脏内科专家朱中安医师将向观众解释什么是冠心病, 讨论胆固醇, 以及如何预防胜于治疗和上医医未病治病的道理。