Tree Of Life / March 29, 2021

Pastor Christon is at a service centre but is there more than his monitor that needs fixing?

Tree Of Life / March 28, 2021

Pastor Johnny shares a tragic story and what we can learn about the reliability of God's promises.

Tree Of Life / March 27, 2021

Is there a special trait shared by those who are able to find God? Pastor Johnny Wong has some insights.

Tree Of Life / March 27, 2021

Pastor Bayu shares the importance of picking and being the right kind of friend.

Tree Of Life / March 21, 2021

Pastor Igan shares his thoughts on what to do when we are dealing with deep disappointment.

Tree Of Life / March 20, 2021

Pastor Johnny Wong shares why we need to praise God.

Tree Of Life / March 19, 2021

As life returns to a semblance of normalcy, and in the midst of the relief some of us may feel, Pastor Lionel has some sobering thoughts .

Tree Of Life / March 15, 2021

Pastor Christon and his daughter are visiting the Sea Aquarium and he tells us about what is means to be a "fisher of men".

Tree Of Life / March 14, 2021

is there anything that can seperate us from God? Pastor Chuen Rong tell us.