Tree Of Life / November 29, 2021

Staying spiritually consistent can be a challenge. Listen to Pastor Johnny explain how to calibrate our spiritual life. This is the last episode of 'Tree of Life. Thank you for watching and may God bless you always.

Tree Of Life / November 28, 2021

You can feel mixed emotions at endings and beginnings. Pastor James helps us make sense of it. This is the penultimate episode of 'Tree of Life' and James' last appearance.

Tree Of Life / November 27, 2021

Pastor Christon reminds us we have a part to play in how much we get out of the Bible. As the 'Tree of Life' series ends, this will be Pastor Christon's last vlog.

Tree Of Life / November 26, 2021

In his last video for 'Tree of Life,' Pastor Chuen Rong lists some indicators of a fruitful life.

Tree Of Life / November 22, 2021

Our hearts long for purpose. No one wants to live a life in vain. Pastor Igan offers a simple way to remain fruitful. As we conclude the 'Tree of Life' series, this is Pastor Igan's last vlog.

Tree Of Life / November 20, 2021

Sometimes we might feel alone, but we are never truly alone. In spite of diverging paths, Pastor Lionel shares hope for the future. We are approaching the end of 'Tree of Life', and this will be Pastor Lionel's last episode.

Tree Of Life / November 19, 2021

Will you act when you see something that isn't right? Pastor Johnny Wong urges us of the need to speak up and step forward to help. This will also be Pastor Johnny Wong's last episode as the 'Tree of Life' series comes to an end.

Tree Of Life / November 15, 2021

What does reading the Bible and the smell of baking bread have in common? Pastor Bayu explains.

Tree Of Life / November 14, 2021

Pastor Christon's daughter has started school and it has been an interesting experience for her. He shares his thoughts on it and about who looks out for us.