第1集 | 如何面对冠状病毒的问题?  / Chinese (Singapore)

本日经文 [約翰一書 4:8] "没有爱心的, 就不认识神,因为神就是爱。"

若你想参访一间与范少清长老有关的教会 ,请到:https://adventist.org.sg/churches/ 寻找离你最近的教会。


Tree of Life Mandarin | Ep 1 | Tackling the COVID-19 problem Scripture Verse for the day | [1 John 4:8] "Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love."

If you would like to visit a church affiliated with Elder Fam Saw Ching, please visit: adventist.org.sg/churches/ to find the nearest church.

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