4. How to Deal with Your Spoiled Brat

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Sometimes you might not even know that you have a spoilt brat! This episode gives you helpful methods on imparting values to your child such as gratitude, the value of things and respect for others.

3. How to Deal with Your Defiant Child

Smart Parents / 3 VIEWS

Do you have a defiant child? This episode will teach you how to help your child learn obedience through proper ways of communicating and a strong relationship with your child.

7. How to React when Your Child Loses Self Control

Smart Parents / 3 VIEWS

In this episode of Smart Parents, learn how as the superstar of your child's life, you can model self-control and build positive interactions with your child.

8. Is Technology Good for My Child

Smart Parents / 3 VIEWS

Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master. In this episode of Smart Parents, learn to manage and leverage technology well for the good of your children.

9. The Golden Rule of Parenting

Smart Parents / 1 VIEWS

Want to learn how to give your child a sense of security? This episode shares an important golden rule that will keep the home a happy place for you and your child.

1. How to Become a Better Parent

Smart Parents / 0 VIEWS

Are you looking for a user manual to how to raise your child? In this episode of Smart Parents, we use Bible based parenting principles that will help you become a better parent.

2. How to Deal with Your Child's Temper Tantrums

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A child's temper tantrums if not dealt with will turn into angry outbursts as an adult. Learn how to teach your child how to express their desires positively and be rewarded for a lifetime.

5. How to Stop Your Child from Lying

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There are many reasons why children lie and going into the root causes of the lie is just one of the many ways you can reinforce honesty in your child. Watch this episode for more detailed tips to nip lying in the bud.

6. How to Teach Your Child to be Tidy

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Decluttering, having a designated place for each item and teaching personal responsibility are some of the methods to teaching your child to be tidy. Learn how to teach your child to by tidy in this episode.