Ep 1 Pastor Wintley Phipps

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How did a high schooler that almost dropped out of school become a singing evangelist that ministered to millions including presidents and Mother Theresa?

Ep 2 Pastor Doug Batchelor

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How did the son of a millionaire caught in a depressive life of crime and drugs find God while living in a cave?

Ep 3 Pastor G. T. Ng

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How did an 18 year old find the conviction to disobey his father and follow God to a foreign country in the midst of a civil war?

Ep 5 Jenny Lai

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Cancer gave her just six months to live. Why is Jenny still thankful?

Ep 4 Pastor Sven Östring

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How did a post-doctoral engineer at the peak of his career leave it all to share the gospel full-time?

Ep 6 Clarence

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Cancer took the life out of Clarence’s family. Can good truly come out of human suffering?