Ep 1 The Chance for You to Exist

Miraculous You / 37 VIEWS

Have you ever thought about what is the chance for you to exist?

Ep 6 Your First Breath

Miraculous You / 25 VIEWS

Did you know that you spend 90% of your time sleeping in your mother's womb?

Ep 5 Liquidated Terrorist

Miraculous You / 13 VIEWS

Viruses are everywhere around us.

Ep 7 Fight or Flight

Miraculous You / 12 VIEWS

Have you ever wondered why you are capable of extraordinary things when you're in danger?

Ep 8 The Secret of Your Height

Miraculous You / 11 VIEWS

At one point of our lives we stop growing in height, after a childhood and adolescence growth spurt.

Ep 9 Your Stem Cells

Miraculous You / 6 VIEWS

Stem cells specialize on different tissues and organs. Within the nucleus of every cell in the body, the complete DNA is found.

Ep 4 Your Biological Clock

Miraculous You / 5 VIEWS

Did you know that You have a biological clock inside you?

Ep 3 Your First Battle

Miraculous You / 4 VIEWS

Did you know that you have almost been killed by your mother immune system in your first months of life?

Ep 2 A Good Heart

Miraculous You / 2 VIEWS

Did you know that Your heart is able to contract without interference from your brain?