Masterstroke Mini Series / Season 1 + History

Ep 1 Storm On The Sea of Galilee

Masterstroke Mini Series / 14 VIEWS

Why did Rembrandt paint himself as a disciple of Christ? Why is he holding onto his hat and a rope on the boat?

Ep 13 Jeremiah lamenting the destruction of Jerusalem

Masterstroke Mini Series / 13 VIEWS

Imagine preaching for 40 years and no one listens. All you receive for your efforts is public torture, and nearly drowning in a pit of slime.

Ep 4 Boy Blowing Bubbles

Masterstroke Mini Series / 10 VIEWS

Why do so many famous paintings feature children blowing bubbles? What do they mean?

Ep 2 The Return of the Prodigal Son

Masterstroke Mini Series / 9 VIEWS

Imagine celebrating by lifting up a glass of beer in one painting and then kneeling down with tattered clothes in another.

Ep 3 The Musicians

Masterstroke Mini Series / 9 VIEWS

Does music really "make the world go round"? If so, why?

Ep 11 Raising Of Lazarus

Masterstroke Mini Series / 9 VIEWS

When he based his painting on Rembrandt's rendition why did Van Gogh choose to crop out Jesus?

Ep 12 Creation of Adam

Masterstroke Mini Series / 7 VIEWS

When Bishop Giovio looked up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the 1520's he couldn't work it out.

Ep 6 David and Goliath

Masterstroke Mini Series / 6 VIEWS

"David and Goliath" is not just a painting about a Bible story. It is a painting about life.

Ep 9 Old Woman Saying Grace

Masterstroke Mini Series / 6 VIEWS

The knife is falling off the table and there are distractions everywhere. Yet nothing stops this lady from saying grace.

Ep 8 Mote and The Beam

Masterstroke Mini Series / 5 VIEWS

Have you ever had someone criticize you but you know they've done far worse things than you?

Ep 10 Two Children Teasing a Cat

Masterstroke Mini Series / 5 VIEWS

Why did the Dutch have the saying, "whoever plays with cats gets scratched"?

Ep 7 The Conversion of St Paul

Masterstroke Mini Series / 4 VIEWS

See how a horse is the feature of this painting and how Paul was made lower than the animals.

Ep 5 The Love Letter

Masterstroke Mini Series / 3 VIEWS

Have you ever received a love letter? Not just an email but a hand written letter?