28 May 2020 (Host: Dr Eric Teo)

Let's Pray (Live) / May 28, 2020

Are you worried about your next paycheck or whether your children will be safe?

21 May 2020 (Host: Pastor Johnny Wong)

Let's Pray (Live) / May 22, 2020

There are times when it can feel suffocating as the pressures close in and options dwindle. But God is at work, and hears our desperate sighs. Let's pray together for wisdom to see the opportunities and courage to step into His deliverance.

14 May 2020 (Host: Pastor Isagani)

Let's Pray (Live) / May 15, 2020

Persistence — With the Circuit Breaker dragging on longer than expected, many of us might be starting to feel discouraged and restless. But let's not stay down.

7 May 2020 (Host: Pastor Tan Jia Hong)

Let's Pray (Live) / May 15, 2020

Adaptability — What is our response to a world beyond COVOD-19?

30 April 2020 (Host: Pastor Christon Choo)

Let's Pray (Live) / May 15, 2020

Focus — During this Circuit Breaker, many of us are stressed out with fear of being infected, working from home, home-based learning, housework and basically from having our usual routine drastically changed.

23 April 2020 (Host: Pastor James Tham)

Let's Pray (Live) / May 15, 2020

Standing Together — On April 21, PM Lee Hsien Loong announced the extension of the Circuit Breaker to June 1, adding tighter measures to contain the virus spread. The world, including our nation, is hurting greatly.

16 April 2020 (Host: Pastor Johnny Kan)

Let's Pray (Live) / May 15, 2020

Healing — As the numbers for those infected with Covid-19 continue to rise exponentially, many have been hospitalised, quarantined or issued stay-home orders.

9 April 2020 (Host: Pastor Isagani)

Let's Pray (Live) / May 15, 2020

Stability in the Storm — This week, close to 20,000 foreign workers were required to serve a 14-day quarantine order. There is a sense of helplessness and vulnerability all around.