Ep 5 Teens and Freedom

Help! I Am A Parent / 7 VIEWS

How do we set appropriate boundaries with our teens? How much is too much? How little is too little?

Ep 2 Faith and The Spiritual Compass

Help! I Am A Parent / 5 VIEWS

How to help your children navigate their teen years as they question their faith, values and beliefs.

Ep 1 Adolescence

Help! I Am A Parent / 3 VIEWS

Adolescence is a critical period of transition from childhood to adulthood. Join guest speaker Dr Jiwan Moon on this topic.

Ep 3 Disconnect to Connect

Help! I Am A Parent / 2 VIEWS

Find out how to get your teenage children off their devices and connect with us.

Ep 4 Teen Mental Health

Help! I Am A Parent / 2 VIEWS

Join Dr Julian Melgosa in this episode, in understanding mental health issues, exploring the warning signs and the steps we can take to help our teens.

Ep 7 Dealing with Sexuality

Help! I Am A Parent / 1 VIEWS

As parents, it is our responsibility to educate our teens on sex. Guest speaker Dr Nerida Bates shares her expertise on this subject.

Ep 6 Substance Abuse

Help! I Am A Parent / 0 VIEWS

In this episode, guest speaker Dr Alina Baltazar explores the possibility of our teens engaging in substance abuse and how we can protect them.

Ep 8 Finances and Money Management

Help! I Am A Parent / 0 VIEWS

Pastor Ortiz gives his advice on how parents can teach their teens financial responsibility.

Ep 9 Decision Making for the Future

Help! I Am A Parent / 0 VIEWS

Join guest speaker Pastor Dunbar Henri as he gives insight into how to help teens make decisions for the future.

Ep 10 Parents of a Prodigal Son

Help! I Am A Parent / 0 VIEWS

Guest speaker Pastor Tom Lemon gives advice on how to be loving and supportive parents when our children do not make the best decisions.