Ep 17 Fears

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

Do you know that on average only 8% of a person's fears are truly legitimate? Pastor Johnny Wong shares comfort from scripture on how we can face our fears with courage.

Ep 28 Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

What is your guiding principle as you make important decisions in your life.

Ep 35 New year, new you

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

What does new year and tree pruning in Singapore have in common?

Ep 3 Pastor G. T. Ng

Revv Up / 17 LIKES

How did an 18 year old find the conviction to disobey his father and follow God to a foreign country in the midst of a civil war?

Ep 58 Learning To Be Content

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

Contentment is not automatic, nor is it a natural attitude. Rather, it is a learned skill. Pastor Johnny explains what it means to be contented.

Ep 62 Where Do You Store Your Stress?

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

Using a jar of coins as an object lesson, Pastor Isagani explains what we should watch out for when faced with worries.

Ep 83 | God Walks With You

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

On 1 Apr, Singapore announced a total of 1000 confirmed cases of COVID-19. If you're feeling mad, bad or sad, Pastor Lionel has some words of assurance.

第6集 | 完美的时机

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / 17 LIKES

本日经文 [傳 道 書 3:1 ] "凡 事 都 有 定 期 , 天 下 万 务 都 有 定 时 。"

Ep 90 | What is essential?

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, surgical masks which were of little value before, are now most sought after items. What, in your life, has changed in value because of this crisis? Pastor Johnny shares what greatest value "item" will keep our spiritual life thriving and healthy.

Ep 91 | Who is in charge?

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

When we acknowledge God, it means that we recognize he is God, and we accept His authority in what we are doing. Pastor SK shares some ways we can let go, and let God be in charge.

Ep 100 | Speak God’s word into your life

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

Tree of Life celebrates it’s 100th episode today! Our hosts come together to speak the power of God’s word into our lives in unison as we face uncertainty amidst the pandemic we are facing today. (Best moments footage available too!)

Ep 112 | Good gifts

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

What good gifts does God have in store for us during this Circuit Breaker? Pastor James encourages us trust God's heart for us despite the uncertainty of the crisis.

Ep 117 | The good samaritan

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

Kindness and empathy help us relate to other people and have more positive relationships with friends, family, and even perfect strangers we encounter in our daily lives. But are there limits to who can be kind? Pastor Bayu tells us more.

Ep 118 | Never changing

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

"New normal" — that's the phrase that is being used widely these days. This pandemic has changed the way we live and life will not be the same. Is there anything that we can still be sure of? Pastor Isagani has a reassuring answer.

Ep 123 | One people

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

Why do people hate other people? Pastor James talks about the hate-mongering going around in various countries and how God can break down the walls of hostility.

Ep 11 - God Answers Prayers!

Let's Pray (Live) / 17 LIKES

When life pummels us to the ground, and we feel broken and alone, it can feel like God isn't listening when we pray. Our prayers seem to go unanswered. What answer are you waiting on? What message is being offered to you right now? Did you know that, whatever difficulties you are facing, right now Jesus is praying for you? Let us pray for answers with the conviction that God is responding in His perfect time and way. "I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer." — Psalm 17:6, NIV If you have a prayer request, PM or WhatsApp us at 9868 0004. Or fill up the form here

Ep 136 | A Painful Price

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

Flying his drone on a beautiful beach, an incident taught Pastor Johnny a painful lesson. Watch and find out what spiritual lesson we can learn from his story.

Ep 148 | Liverpool wins

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

Liverpool won the English Premiere League. An event that fans have long awaited for. Pastor Chuen Rong has also waited long for an even greater event. Watch to find out what it is.

生命拼图 Life's Puzzles

316 音乐事工 (MVs) / 17 LIKES

“ 生命拼图 ” 这首歌是同名电影主题曲,该电影由316音乐事工的成员陈大全和他的团队 ”Through Lord Ministry"制作,该电影中的女主角陈美君, 是马来西亚ntv7明星偶像总冠军2007,她是演员,节目主持人” 也是316成员之一。 316音乐事工非常荣幸能邀请到知名音乐组合动力火车为这首歌录制演唱,这也是动力火车的第一首福音诗歌。这首歌也将被收录在316的第六张新专辑中。 希望这首 “ 生命拼图 ” 能带给你生命中的领悟。在我们的人生中,只要我们邀请耶稣进入我们的生命里,祂那里有最美的蓝图,必定能为你我拼凑出美丽的生命拼图。 -- 作曲:林合安 作词 :曾美芳 编曲:韦乐明 有些东西虽美丽悦目 却是陷阱能叫人万劫不复 有时一念之差铸成的大错难弥补 对于罪应坚决地说不 人的一生就好像一幅拼图 东拼西凑寻找所要的幸福 一心想追求完美 结果却伤痕累累 生命拼图也变得支离破碎 每个人的心中 都有一个无底洞 越是追求心灵越虚空 所做一切就像在捕风 永恒主所赐的福使人富足 不会带来任何忧虑或痛苦 何不让祂来介入 何不让祂来重组 在祂那里已有最美的蓝图 #动力火车#powerstation

基督徒家庭無字 18

基督徒家庭 A Christian Family / 17 LIKES


基督徒家庭無字 26

基督徒家庭 A Christian Family / 17 LIKES

凡事做弟兄 做丈夫要肩起家庭的责任把所有的苦活累活脏活都要担在自己的肩上

基督徒家庭無字 42

基督徒家庭 A Christian Family / 17 LIKES


Ep 164 | Hustle and bustle

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

Do you get lost in the busyness of life and the news that bombard us daily? After a chat with a friend, Pastor James shares how we can gain our focus back.

Ep 188 | Real or artificial?

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

A conversation with Siri prompts Pastor Johnny to reflect on our design and our purpose.


颂赞主恩音乐节目 Praise The Lord Music Show / 17 LIKES



颂赞主恩音乐节目 Praise The Lord Music Show / 17 LIKES



颂赞主恩音乐节目 Praise The Lord Music Show / 17 LIKES



颂赞主恩音乐节目 Praise The Lord Music Show / 17 LIKES


Ep 202 | Who's your daddy?

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

Why does Jesus ask us to call God our "Father"? Pastor Bayu gives us some important insights that may impact the way we respond to God.

Ep 208 | Wisdom Protector

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

How can we be wiser? Pastor Chuen Rong shows us a starting place.

Ep 258 | We can endure

Tree Of Life / 17 LIKES

What do spicy cup noodles and Satan's temptation have in common? Pastor Christon has answers.

Ep 8 Loved and Lost

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

Have you ever loved and lost someone? Pastor Christon shares a slice of his office life and how we can look forward to a place where there will be no more cause for loss.

Ep 12 A New Home

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

Pastor Christon shares his reflections as he creates a cosy nest for his new office pet.

Ep 22 Speedy help

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

What's faster than a bullet train? Pastor Jiahong reveals a fast source of help in times of trouble.

Ep 30 The eternal gift

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

Pastor Christon and his wife received a most precious gift this year - baby Enya!

Ep 52 Looking to the light

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

Do you have a certain fear of what may be lurking just beyond the reach of the light or hiding in the shadows? Pastor Christon challenges us break free from the fear of the dark and what lies within it.

Ep 70 Live Like A Kid Again

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

Just like a little child who seek their father when they need something, Pastor Christon helps us understand why we need to be like little children and seek our Heavenly Father.

第3集 | COVID-19 和我的教会

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / 16 LIKES

本日经文 [詩篇 91:7] "虽有千人仆倒在你旁边,万人仆倒在你右边,这灾却不得临近你。"

Ep 71 Listen!

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

What doesn't demand the same energy and initiative required in speaking, but is still a critical skill to have in order to improve relationships and understanding? Pastor Johnny Wong reveals this simple skill in today's Tree of Life.

Ep 84 | Taking Precautionary Measures

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

Did you know that so far Singapore's prisons remain Covid-free due to precautionary measures? Are there precautionary measures again the influence of sin? Pastor Chuen Rong has an answer.

Ep 98 | When plans go awry

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

What do you do when the plans you've made go awry? Where can you find comfort when you're dealing with bitter disappointment? Pastor Isagani draws from his own personal experience and points us to words of hope.

Ep 102 | Being Remembered

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

How can you bring joy into someone else's life while stuck at home? Pastor Johnny Wong shares a sweet little something someone did for him and a challenge for us today.

Ep 103 | God is enough

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

Not knowing when physical worship services will resume or when Bubble Tea will be back, Pastor Lionel reminds us that even though the future may seem uncertain, we can put our trust in God.

Ep 5 - Adaptability

Let's Pray (Live) / 16 LIKES

Adaptability — What is our response to a world beyond COVOD-19? Recorded live on 7 May 2020 (Host: Pastor Tan Jia Hong)

S01E09 - La Sentinelle Girl

Alabaster Jars (Podcast) / 16 LIKES

"If the police stopped us (often because they were hoping we’d pay a bribe), we’d give them a Sentinelle…"

Ep 116 | Giving thanks

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

Research from Harvard Medical School suggests that giving thanks can make us happier. Pastor Chuen Rong shows us how the things we can be grateful for may be simple but still significant.

Ep 128 | Fine dining or fast food?

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

If you could choose, would you dine on fast food or fine dining? Pastor Christon reminds us of the importance of a nutritionally balance spiritual diet.

Ep 134 | Keep being still

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

Phase 2 is finally here and life seems to be returning to it's usual busyness. What did you do during the Circuit Breaker that you'd like to keep doing? Pastor Johnny Wong has a suggestion on what we should keep doing.

Ep 17 - 男女纾解压力的差异

婚姻指南 The Marriage Guide / 16 LIKES


基督徒家庭無字 15

基督徒家庭 A Christian Family / 16 LIKES


基督徒家庭無字 23

基督徒家庭 A Christian Family / 16 LIKES


Ep 174 | Everlasting Words

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

Pastor Bayu's experience with maintaining his church's greenary prompts him to think about the impermanance of life and eternal assurance of God's word.


颂赞主恩音乐节目 Praise The Lord Music Show / 16 LIKES


Ep 207 | Do something today

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

How can we make a difference in someone's life? Pastor Christon has some suggestions.

Ep 220 | Who's on your team?

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

Do you have an ultimate team member that will bring you the winning goal? Drawing on his love for soccer, Pastor Christon shares how all of us can bring home the trophy.

Ep 224 | Tummy Time

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

What has tummy time got to do with suffering? Pastor Christon tells us why we should rejoice as we face tough times in our lives.

Ep 243 | Covering

Tree Of Life / 16 LIKES

Why is Pastor Chuen Rong so impressed by his new Bible cover and what does it have to do with Jesus' salvation?

生命树 | 第53集 | 小事的重要

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / 16 LIKES

本日经文 [马太福音 17:20] "耶稣说:“你们的信心太小了。我实在告诉你们,你们若有像芥菜种那样大的信心,就算叫这座山从这里移到那里,它也会移开,你们将没有办不到的事。”

生命树 | 第82集 | 为如何做一个真正的基督徒?

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / 16 LIKES

本日经文 [提 摩 太 後 書 3:5] " 有 敬 虔 的 外 貌 , 却 背 了 敬 虔 的 实 意 ; 这 等 人 你 要 躲 开 。"

Ep 15 Managing Life’s Transitions

Speak Up / 15 LIKES

Starting a new job, moving to a different country, getting married, becoming a parent, and the long-waited retirement—all of these are life transitions. Discover how to cope with stressful and joyful transitions.

Ep 4 Obedience and Love

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

Does God only love us when we are obedient to Him? Pastor Jia Hong shares.

Ep 5 As Essential As Bread

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

Bread is considered a food staple in Bible times. In Singapore, it might be rice or noodles. Today, Pastor Johnny Wong shares about the best nutrition for spiritual growth.

Ep 9 Like Fungus

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

Have you thought of how synergies work? Pastor Bayu brings this alive with an illustration about his favourite food.

Ep 11 What inspires you?

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

Do you have a favourite quote that inspires you every time you read it? Pastor Johnny Wong shares his favourite inspirational chapter in the Bible.

Ep 32 How have I lived my life?

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

In a survey of 50 old folks over the age of 95, a question was posed: "If you could live your life over again, how would you live differently?"

Ep 40 The right answer

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

Can being in the wrong place help Pastor James find the right answers?

Ep 38 What exactly does God want?

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

How do we do what God wants, if we don't know exactly what that is?

Ep 48 The best reunion dinner

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

Sometimes, festive gatherings can trigger feelings of missing loved ones who are no longer around.

Ep 59 Taking Precautions To Save Lives

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

The situation with COVID-19 may be worrying. However, Pastor Christon and his fellow church members are taking all the necessary precautions to reduce the risks. But what of the risks to our spiritual lives?

Ep 60 Living In Harmony

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

Unlike most woodwind instruments, which have a limited number of keys, pianos have a whopping 88 keys. Each key represents a different note, giving the piano a wide range of sounds. Pastor Jiahong shares his key to cultivating a harmonious community.

Ep 77 | A Father's Love

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

What sacrifices would you make for someone you love? Pastor Lionel shows us the parallel of sacrificing for his kids with God's sacrifice for us.

Ep 2 - Healing

Let's Pray (Live) / 15 LIKES

As the numbers for those infected with Covid-19 continue to rise exponentially, many have been hospitalised, quarantined or issued stay-home orders. Recorded live on 16 April 2020 (Host: Pastor Johnny Kan)

Ep 119 | Building relationship

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

During the Circuit Breaker, we have been spending time with our loved ones via various digital platforms. Pastor Chuen Rong reminds us of a relationship that we need to maintain that is more important than any other.

Ep 9 - Fortitude in the Family

Let's Pray (Live) / 15 LIKES

Families too, need fortitude—to tap into God's endless reserves of mental and emotional strength. Let's pray for resiliency in our families. Recorded live on 4 June 2020 (Host: Pastor Christon Choo)

Ep 124 | Loving my neighbour

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

Have you thought about how helping someone else might lighten your own load? Pastor Lionel shares his thoughts about the intangible rewards he got while on a food distribution run.

Ep 137 | Our firmness of purpose

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

What does the Bible say about determination? Pastor Johnny Wong challenges us to fix our goals on what matters most.

Ep 138 | Our only security blanket

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

Where do you place your trust? What helps you to feel safe and assured? Pastor Christon brings us into his safe space and shares what makes him feel secure.

Ep 5 Jenny Lai

Revv Up / 15 LIKES

Cancer gave her just six months to live. Why is Jenny still thankful?

Ep 5 - 夫妻之间的沟通-2

婚姻指南 The Marriage Guide / 15 LIKES

每个人心里都住着父母,儿童和成人,不同时候在面对不同的事情我们就会展现出不同的一面,哪一种给沟通模式 才能达到“她好,我也好”呢?

Ep 15 - 男人和女人

婚姻指南 The Marriage Guide / 15 LIKES


Ep 19 - 婚姻生活的状态

婚姻指南 The Marriage Guide / 15 LIKES


Ep 22 - 男女不同(二)

婚姻指南 The Marriage Guide / 15 LIKES


Ep 25 - 如何避免争吵

婚姻指南 The Marriage Guide / 15 LIKES


S01E16 - Dung & Stars

Alabaster Jars (Podcast) / 15 LIKES

"Standing in a pile of dung, I was lost in exquisite beauty..." Key verse — 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.” Today's episode is read by Sheena Quek.

Ep 147 | Stain Away

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

What does a food stain, laundry detergent and your wrongdoings have in common? Pastor Christon shares from his experience.

Ep 156 | Mission accomplished

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

Whipping out his collection of soldier uniforms, Pastor Bayu shares how as Christians, we too have a mission to be razor focused on.

基督徒家庭無字 38

基督徒家庭 A Christian Family / 15 LIKES


基督徒家庭無字 41

基督徒家庭 A Christian Family / 15 LIKES


Ep 2 - 生化博士 - 肠命百岁

健康新知 Health News / 15 LIKES

研究显示人体15初期的精神生理是有问题其实那都是体内菌失衡有关系. 国立阳明大学生化所的教授蔡英杰博士来分享长寿的秘诀.


颂赞主恩音乐节目 Praise The Lord Music Show / 15 LIKES

马太福音8:27说道:“众人稀奇,说:“这是怎样的人?连风和海也听从他了!” 耶稣想要给予我们力量和平安。祂能把大海的风波平息下来,也能将我们生命中的风浪平息下来。


颂赞主恩音乐节目 Praise The Lord Music Show / 15 LIKES



颂赞主恩音乐节目 Praise The Lord Music Show / 15 LIKES



颂赞主恩音乐节目 Praise The Lord Music Show / 15 LIKES


Ep 221 | Childlike faith

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

Is there someone you can put your trust in? Pastor Bayu shares how we can enjoy the ride of life even through all its ups and downs.

Ep 225 | Where does your treasure lie?

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

What price will you place on a piece of art? Pastor James shares how important it is to evaluate how much we prize the things this world offers.

Ep 232 | Catching a break

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

For those of you who were expecting to catch a break but didn't, Pastor Lionel has some encouragement for you.

生命树 | 第50集 |  捞鱼生

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / 15 LIKES

本日经文 [诗篇 66:19] "但神实在听见了,他侧耳听了我祷告的声音。”

Ep 266 | How do I know if God is with me?

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

Pastor James poses and answers an important question: How do I know if God is with me?

Ep 273 | Am I safe-distancing from God?

Tree Of Life / 15 LIKES

is there anything that can seperate us from God? Pastor Chuen Rong tell us.