Ep 1 Reunion and Volcano

Animal Encounters / 9 VIEWS

Hosts Gabi and Cassila travel to Costa Rica for another adventure together.

Ep 3 Toucans & Frogs

Animal Encounters / 5 VIEWS

Cassila checks a major goal off her bucket list, as the girls enter the quirky and messy world of toucans. But will she be able to overcome her fear of poisonous frogs?

Ep 6 Through the Clouds

Animal Encounters / 3 VIEWS

Our three adventurers look at life from a different perspective while taking a unique hike 50 meters above the ground. Then, the adrenaline rush hits Gabi hard as the girls zoom through the trees on a ziplining tour.

Ep 2 La Paz Waterfall & Butterflies

Animal Encounters / 2 VIEWS

Three adventurers explore the mouth of the roaring La Paz waterfall before getting unbelieveably close to whizzing hummingbirds and breathtaking butterflies.

Ep 5 Land of Strays

Animal Encounters / 2 VIEWS

Our three adventurers explore how an animal shelter housing hundreds of abandoned stray dogs is a little bit like heaven, before leading the dogs on the most epic walk ever!

Ep 7 Dream Come True

Animal Encounters / 2 VIEWS

Macaws are at risk due to deforestation. In this episode, our three adventurers are in for a shock as they visit a macaw sanctuary with some very strict rules. Meanwhile, Cassila hopes for the chance to meet her favorite animal up close: one of Costa Rica’s most endangered birds.