Ep. 52: Yes

A Word For Your Family / March 20, 2022

Getting a "yes" is affirming and empowering, but life isn't always a "yes." Dr Claudio speaks about the one true "yes" in our lives.

Ep. 51: Weather

A Word For Your Family / March 13, 2022

Do you pay attention to the weather? Dr Claudio shares about being prepared for the physical and spiritual storms in our lives.

Ep. 50: Wax

A Word For Your Family / March 06, 2022

When wax melts, it loses its shape. In his Psalms, King David once likened his heart to melted wax? Why? Find out more in this video.

Ep. 49: Violence

A Word For Your Family / February 27, 2022

Violence isn't just physical and can come in many forms. Dr Claudio shares about the importance of having a peaceful family.

Ep. 48: Unique

A Word For Your Family / February 20, 2022

Do you think your family is unique or just like any other? Hear what Dr Pamela has to say about our unique families in this video.

Ep. 47: Thoughtfulness

A Word For Your Family / February 13, 2022

What does it mean to be thoughtful to others in your family? Find out more in this video.

Ep. 46: Tears

A Word For Your Family / February 06, 2022

Do you tear only when you are sad? Dr Claudio shares about the different roles tears have in our lives.

Ep. 45: Taxes

A Word For Your Family / January 30, 2022

We pay all sorts of taxes in life, but is there a tax that we must pay to God? Find out more in this video.

Ep. 44: Songs

A Word For Your Family / January 23, 2022

Do you like singing? Learn more about the benefits of singing from Dr Pamela in this video.

Ep. 43: Son

A Word For Your Family / January 16, 2022

Do you have a son? Are you proud of him? Dr Claudio speaks about his experience as a son.

Ep. 42: Sleep

A Word For Your Family / January 09, 2022

Do you always get a good night's sleep? Dr Claudio shares about the benefits of sleeping well.

Ep. 41: Sky

A Word For Your Family / January 02, 2022

When was the last time you looked for shapes in the clouds or stars in the sky? Dr Pamela speaks about one of God's beautiful creations.

Ep. 40: Rock

A Word For Your Family / December 26, 2021

What's the biggest rock you have ever seen? Dr Pamela shares about our spiritual rock and the role it has in our lives.

Ep. 39: Revenge

A Word For Your Family / December 19, 2021

How easy is it for you to retaliate when someone else wrongs you? Dr Claudio speaks about leaving vengeance to the Lord

Ep. 38: Rain

A Word For Your Family / December 12, 2021

How do you feel when its starts raining? Is it a welcome sight to see? Dr Pamela speaks about something else we can "shower" on our family.

Ep. 37: Rags

A Word For Your Family / December 05, 2021

Do you use rags to clean the house? How dirty can they get? Watch this video to learn more about another thing in our lives that's just as filthy as rags.

Ep 422 | How can we calibrate our spiritual lives?

Tree Of Life / November 29, 2021

Staying spiritually consistent can be a challenge. Listen to Pastor Johnny explain how to calibrate our spiritual life. This is the last episode of 'Tree of Life. Thank you for watching and may God bless you always.

Ep. 36: Prayer

A Word For Your Family / November 28, 2021

Is your family going through tough times? Dr Claudio reminds us about keeping our family in our prayers.

Ep 421 | How do you plan for new beginnings?

Tree Of Life / November 28, 2021

You can feel mixed emotions at endings and beginnings. Pastor James helps us make sense of it. This is the penultimate episode of 'Tree of Life' and James' last appearance.

共享未来 Enjoying the Future Together | 316 Music Ministry

Unplugged / November 27, 2021

婚礼诗歌 - 【共享未来】 爱情中最美好的想象,莫过于细数恩典,细水长流,大家都在各自的未来计划中❤️ 简文亮牧师及邓碧玉医生步入了婚姻,并开启了与主同心同行的路程。 在他们的婚姻中,一直都以主为中心,时刻牢记主的教导,也一直不间断的把上帝的爱向外广传。 愿在未来的每分每秒,他们依然都能像歌词里说到的一样,能时常把幸福洋溢在脸上,能时刻把主摆在他们爱的中心,在未来的岁月里,能共尝酸甜苦辣! 时刻感恩,彼此分享,彼此尊重,共享未来! Wedding Song - Enjoying the Future Together Love is about counting the blessings, making it last long, and being in each other's future plans. When Pastor Johnny and Dr Pik Yee stepped into marriage, and begun a journey walking together with the Lord. Jesus was the center of their marriage, and they constantly remembered His teachings. They also shared God's love with others. The song hopes they can continue to live like what is stated in the lyrics by having joy and happiness on their faces often, and by putting Jesus as the center of their love. In the future years, may they taste all facets of life together. Watch their love story here: (add link to 316 testimony video) Thankful continually, sharing with one another, respecting one another, and sharing the future

Ep 420 | How should we be reading the Bible?

Tree Of Life / November 27, 2021

Pastor Christon reminds us we have a part to play in how much we get out of the Bible. As the 'Tree of Life' series ends, this will be Pastor Christon's last vlog.

Ep 419 | What does a fruitful life look like?

Tree Of Life / November 26, 2021

In his last video for 'Tree of Life,' Pastor Chuen Rong lists some indicators of a fruitful life.

生命树 | 第91集 | 与神建立关系重要吗?

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / November 24, 2021

本日经文 [詩 篇 139:23] " 神 啊 , 求 你 鉴 察 我 , 知 道 我 的 心 思 , 试 炼 我 , 知 道 我 的 意 念 "

Ep 418 | How can our lives be fruitful?

Tree Of Life / November 22, 2021

Our hearts long for purpose. No one wants to live a life in vain. Pastor Igan offers a simple way to remain fruitful. As we conclude the 'Tree of Life' series, this is Pastor Igan's last vlog.

Ep. 35: Praise

A Word For Your Family / November 21, 2021

How can we give praise to God? Dr Pamela shares what praising God means to the Bible's Psalmist.

Ep 416 | What hope can we find in endings?

Tree Of Life / November 20, 2021

Sometimes we might feel alone, but we are never truly alone. In spite of diverging paths, Pastor Lionel shares hope for the future. We are approaching the end of 'Tree of Life', and this will be Pastor Lionel's last episode.

Ep 415 | What is your response to a community in need?

Tree Of Life / November 19, 2021

Will you act when you see something that isn't right? Pastor Johnny Wong urges us of the need to speak up and step forward to help. This will also be Pastor Johnny Wong's last episode as the 'Tree of Life' series comes to an end.

生命树 | 第90集 | 散步对我们有什么帮助

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / November 18, 2021

本日经文 [約 翰 三 書 2] "亲 爱 的 兄 弟 阿 , 我 愿 你 凡 事 兴 盛 , 身 体 健 壮 , 正 如 你 的 灵 魂 兴 盛 一 样 。"

Ep 414 | How to make reading the Bible enjoyable?

Tree Of Life / November 15, 2021

What does reading the Bible and the smell of baking bread have in common? Pastor Bayu explains.

Ep. 34: Patriarch

A Word For Your Family / November 14, 2021

What does it mean to be a patriarch in the family? What responsibilities would they have? Find out more from Dr Claudio in this video.

Ep 413 | Who is watching our for us?

Tree Of Life / November 14, 2021

Pastor Christon's daughter has started school and it has been an interesting experience for her. He shares his thoughts on it and about who looks out for us.

Ep 412 | How can we know God cares for us?

Tree Of Life / November 13, 2021

Pastor Chuen Rong shows us the proof is right there in nature, that God loves and cares for us.

MEERKATS: Working Together Makes things Better (Ep 6)

Creatures, Teach Us! / November 12, 2021

What eats beetles, loves to dig and has light brown fur? This one is tough. It's the Meerkat! Yani, Arza, and Terza explore how Meerkats work in a mob to keep their babies safe and their family fed, and how our families also rely on teamwork.

Ep 411 | What can I do about the emotional garbage in my life?

Tree Of Life / November 12, 2021

Negative experiences can clog up our emotional health. Pastor Bayu shares what can be done to make room for more joy and peace.

生命树 | 第89集 | 疼痛对你的生活有什么影响

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / November 11, 2021

本日经文 [耶利米书 30:17] " 耶和华说:“我必使你痊愈,医好你的伤痕,都因人称你为被赶散的,说‘这是锡安,无人来探问的’。”

Ep 410 | What can blot out the sins in our life?

Tree Of Life / November 08, 2021

Sometimes we want to erase mistakes we have made or wrongs we did. Pastor Bayu helps us figure out what steps to take to correct those wrongs.

Ep. 33: Parental Indulgence

A Word For Your Family / November 07, 2021

Do you find yourself tolerating your child's minor misbehavior? Dr Pamela shares about the dangers of indulgence.

Ep 409 | What if you've lost that spark for God?

Tree Of Life / November 07, 2021

Have you lost your excitement for Jesus? Pastor Igan offers a suggestion on how to rekindle that spark you once had.

Ep 408 | How can we undo the lies in our lives?

Tree Of Life / November 06, 2021

James tells us how to unravel the lies in our lives.

KING PENGUINS: Persevering Through Hard Times (Ep 5)

Creatures, Teach Us! / November 05, 2021

What has big bellies, wings that cannot fly and lives in the cold? Penguins! Gillian, Samantha, and Giselle talk about how King Penguins endure bitter cold conditions to reproduce and care for their babies and how we can learn to endure adversity through perseverance.

Ep 407 | What happens when God remembers our good deeds?

Tree Of Life / November 05, 2021

Pastor Bayu explains how doing good is a blessing that reaches far and wide.

生命树 | 第88集 | 我怎样才能养成一个好习惯?

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / November 04, 2021

本日经文 [但 以 理 書 1:12-13] " 求 你 试 试 仆 人 们 十 天 , 给 我 们 素 菜 吃 , 白 水 喝 ,然 後 看 看 我 们 的 面 貌 和 用 王 膳 那 少 年 人 的 面 貌 , 就 照 你 所 看 的 待 仆 人 罢 !"

Ep 406 | Why does personal experience matter?

Tree Of Life / November 01, 2021

Pastor Igan draws some spiritual lessons from his round island cycling trip.

Ep 405 | How can we overcome our fears?

Tree Of Life / October 31, 2021

Are you going through a dark patch? Pastor Christon shares a promise that will add to your courage.

Ep 404 | What can you do when things don't turn out as planned?

Tree Of Life / October 30, 2021

Pastor Lionel has a quick tip on how to deal when things that don't turn out as planned.

CATS: Curious Desire to Learn (Ep 4)

Creatures, Teach Us! / October 29, 2021

What has whiskers, long tails and sharp claws? Cats! We learn about growth mindsets from Isaac, Javen, and Joanna's discussion of the insatiable curiosity in a cat's psyche.

Ep 403 | How will I know if things will work out?

Tree Of Life / October 29, 2021

Pastor Johnny Wong shares a promise from the Bible of assurance in the face of uncertainty.

生命树 | 第87集 | 揭开世界机密

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / October 28, 2021

本日经文 [阿 摩 司 書 3:7] "主 耶 和 华 若 不 将 奥 秘 指 示 他 的 仆 人 ─ 众 先 知 , 就 一 无 所 行 。"

Ep 402 | How should we feel about death and dying?

Tree Of Life / October 25, 2021

Pastor Igan shares a reassuring message about death and dying.

Ep. 31: No

A Word For Your Family / October 24, 2021

Does saying "No" have to be a bad thing? Dr Pamela shares about God's ten "No"s and what role they play in our lives.

Ep 401 | Are you practising the 3 R's of relationships?

Tree Of Life / October 24, 2021

Pastor James shares 3 R's we need to nurture our relationships.

DOGS: Leading Through Loyalty (Ep 3)

Creatures, Teach Us! / October 22, 2021

What has a wet nose, four legs and can smell very well? Dogs! Evan, Katelyn, and Seth share what we can learn from dogs about how we show love to our families.

Ep 399 | Are you ready to be moulded by God?

Tree Of Life / October 22, 2021

Pastor Johnny Wong reframes the struggles that life throws at us, from a Christian perspective.

生命树 | 第86集 | 接种旅游通道

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / October 21, 2021

本日经文 [哥林多后书 5:7] "因我们行事为人是凭着信心,不是凭着眼见。”

Ep 398 | Are you the 'salt of the earth'?

Tree Of Life / October 18, 2021

Pastor Johnny offers us a challenge to be the 'salt of the earth'.

Ep. 30: Mother

A Word For Your Family / October 17, 2021

What is so special about a mother's love, that seems to transcend all odds? Dr Claudio shares about the special love that many mothers have.

Ep 397 | Are you ready for spiritual decluttering?

Tree Of Life / October 17, 2021

Pastor Johnny asks if we are ready for spiritual decluttering.

Ep 396 | Are you treating Jesus like an 'ice gem'?

Tree Of Life / October 16, 2021

Have you eaten an 'ice gem'? Pastor Christon helps us reflect is we are treating Jesus like an 'ice gem'.

SQUIRRELS: Saving for a Rainy Day (Ep 2)

Creatures, Teach Us! / October 15, 2021

What has tiny hands and feet, bushy tails and parachute when they fall? Squirrels! Zane, Zaneta, and Michael Jay unpack the squirrels's unique habit of gathering and storing food for tough times.

Ep 395 | How will you know if the Holy Spirit is with you?

Tree Of Life / October 15, 2021

What do a new handphone, a fan, and the Holy Spirit have in common? Pastor Chuen Rong has the answer.

生命树 | 第85集 | 通过开放的分享获得智慧

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / October 14, 2021

本日经文 [箴 言 11:14] "无 智 谋 , 民 就 败 落 ; 谋 士 多 , 人 便 安 居 。"

Ep 394 | Are you playing favourites with your love?

Tree Of Life / October 11, 2021

Do we treat every one the same? Pastor Chuen Rong shares a perspective on spiritual equality.

Ep. 29: Moderation

A Word For Your Family / October 10, 2021

What does it mean to do things in moderation? Dr Claudio talks about how to maintain balance in our lives.

Ep 393 | Can you ever be good enough

Tree Of Life / October 10, 2021

Pastor Lionel asks a touchy question: Can you ever be good enough?

Ep 392 | What are we rooted in?

Tree Of Life / October 09, 2021

Pastor James challenges us to think about what keeps us standing tall and growing strong.

ANTS: Power of One in a Colony (Ep 1)

Creatures, Teach Us! / October 08, 2021

What is tiny, black and has a huge bum? Ants! Eukie, Xian, and Guio tell us all about Ants and how every little ant has an important role to play for their whole colony to thrive.

Ep 391 | Is death the end of it all?

Tree Of Life / October 08, 2021

Pastor Johnny Wong shares words of comfort for those struggling with the pain of loss and death.

生命树 | 第84集 | 我们应该怎样敬拜上帝?

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / October 07, 2021

本日经文 [約 翰 福 音 4:23-24] " 时 候 将 到 , 如 今 就 是 了 , 那 真 正 拜 父 的 , 要 用 心 灵 和 诚 实 拜 他 , 因 为 父 要 这 样 的 人 拜 他 。神 是 个 灵 ( 或 无 个 字 ) , 所 以 拜 他 的 必 须 用 心 灵 和 诚 实 拜 他 。"

Ep 390 | What can we look forward to in heaven?

Tree Of Life / October 04, 2021

Pastor Igan shares some inspirational sights that reminds us of what more there is to come.

Ep 389 | Looking for the pros instead of the cons

Tree Of Life / October 03, 2021

What can this recent heavy rains teach us about choosing our perspective? Pastor Christon has some insights.

Ep 388 | What does it mean to 'bear one another's burden'?

Tree Of Life / October 02, 2021

Pastor James explains one challenging yet important aspect of community building.

Ep 387 | What can we do about emotional roller coasters?

Tree Of Life / October 01, 2021

Emotional ups and downs are a part of life. Pastor Johnny Wong shares what we can do to stay resilient when things start to feel unstable.

生命树 | 第83集 | 取舍的练习

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / September 30, 2021

本日经文 [箴言 16:9] "人心筹算自己的道路,唯耶和华指引他的脚步。”

Ep 386 | Why is wearing the right attire so important?

Tree Of Life / September 27, 2021

There's different outfits for different occasions. But what about Christians? Pastor Igan shares some thoughts on the outfit we need to be wearing.

Ep. 27: Love - Phileo

A Word For Your Family / September 26, 2021

The Greeks have many words for love, so what does Phileo love really mean? Find out more in this video.

Ep 385 | Do you believe that God knows you by name?

Tree Of Life / September 26, 2021

Pastor James shows us how God not only knows our given name, but who we are before we were born.

Ep 384 | Why does God tell us to be impartial to everyone?

Tree Of Life / September 25, 2021

You've heard that we shouldn't judge the people we meet. Why does God tell us to do that? Pastor Lionel has some answers.

Ep 383 | Are loud prayers more effective?

Tree Of Life / September 24, 2021

Pastor Christon uses his new keyboard to illustrate an important aspect of prayer.

生命树 | 第82集 | 为如何做一个真正的基督徒?

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / September 23, 2021

本日经文 [提 摩 太 後 書 3:5] " 有 敬 虔 的 外 貌 , 却 背 了 敬 虔 的 实 意 ; 这 等 人 你 要 躲 开 。"

Ep 382 | How can sharing enrich our spiritual walk?

Tree Of Life / September 20, 2021

Discover how sharing your faith with others can enrich your spiritual walk. Pastor Bayu reminds us that God has called us to be His light in the world, and He has given us all the tools necessary to fulfill that purpose.

Ep. 26: Light

A Word For Your Family / September 19, 2021

We look at many different things throughout our daily lives, but what should we be really looking at? Find out more in this video.

Ep 381 | What other reasons can God have for not answering my prayer?

Tree Of Life / September 19, 2021

Pray for healing, finances, a relationship, or whatever you need. If God does not answer your prayer, Pastor Johnny Wong, shares a common reason that God might have for not answering it.

Ep 380 | What is one key factor that influences our personal growth?

Tree Of Life / September 18, 2021

In this video, Pastor James explores the one key factor that influences personal growth. Discover what it is and why it's so valuable to incorporate into your life.

Ep 379 | How can we renew our strength daily?

Tree Of Life / September 17, 2021

What is the best way to renew our daily strength? Pastor Bayu has an answer for you in this video.

生命树 | 第81集 | 为什么基督徒不买 4D?

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / September 16, 2021

本日经文 [提 摩 太 前 書 6:9-10] "但 那 些 想 要 发 财 的 人 , 就 陷 在 迷 惑 、 落 在 网 罗 和 许 多 无 知 有 害 的 私 欲 里 , 叫 人 沉 在 败 坏 和 灭 亡 中 。贪 财 是 万 恶 之 根 。 有 人 贪 恋 钱 财 , 就 被 引 诱 离 了 真 道 , 用 许 多 愁 苦 把 自 己 刺 透 了 。"

Testimony - Learning to Really Love

Better Heart, Better Mind, Better Spirit / September 14, 2021

Oi Lin's experience of learning what love really means.

Ep 378 | What does it mean to have the keys to Heaven?

Tree Of Life / September 13, 2021

Pastor Chuen Rong reminds us of what God will do in our church, because we have been given the keys to His kingdom!

Ep. 25: Knives

A Word For Your Family / September 12, 2021

What kind of knives do you have in your home? Knives can be an instrument for good and evil, and there's something else that can be used in the same way. Find out more in this video.

Ep 377 | How are the people that I meet similar to turtles?

Tree Of Life / September 12, 2021

Pastor Christon says that there are people in our communities that are like a bunch of turtles in the pond. Find out what he means by that.

Ep 376 | How is a sunset like the Sabbath?

Tree Of Life / September 11, 2021

Pastor Lionel has seen a lot of sunsets in his time, but this one was extra special. Find out why.

Ep 374 | What can I do when I'm too tired?

Tree Of Life / September 10, 2021

We all have those days where we feel tired and overworked. How do you handle yourself then? Pastor Bayu answers that question with a little inspiration from God's word

生命树 | 第80集 | 我们可以用扫地机器人学到什么?

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / September 09, 2021

本日经文 [诗篇 51:10] "神啊,求你为我造清洁的心,使我里面重新有正直的灵。”

Ep 374 | How badly do you want a better tomorrow?

Tree Of Life / September 06, 2021

Pastor Johnny reflects on the recent events in Afghanistan.

Ep. 24: Kindness

A Word For Your Family / September 05, 2021

Do you know someone who is going through a tough time? Dr Pamela shares about how we can show kindness to others.

Ep 373 | Why do we need a personal experience of God?

Tree Of Life / September 05, 2021

Pastor Chuen Rong asks us if we're living our own best life? Or are we living vicariously through others?

Ep 372 | What is the difference between joy and happiness?

Tree Of Life / September 04, 2021

It’s hard to be positive in the midst of adversity, but Pastor Johnny reminds us that joy is fueled by Jesus, not circumstance.

Ep 371 | How do I know that God will take care of me?

Tree Of Life / September 03, 2021

Every Wednesday, Pastor Johnny Wong cycles along East Coast Park. This experience in nature prompts him to think about God's care for all of us.

生命树 | 第79集 | 我们需要和睦相处。

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / September 02, 2021

本日经文 [以 賽 亞 書 11:6-9] " 豺 狼 必 与 绵 羊 羔 同 居 , 豹 子 与 山 羊 羔 同 卧 ; 少 壮 狮 子 与 牛 犊 并 肥 畜 同 群 ; 小 孩 子 要 牵 引 他 们 。"

Ep 370 | How can I be reminded of God's power?

Tree Of Life / August 30, 2021

Do you want to be reminded of God's power in creative ways? Pastor Bayu has a suggestion.