Ep 1 Law & Grace

Masterstroke / 12 LIKES

What is more important—justice or forgiveness? It's the tension that one painter struggled to resolve, and he created possibly one of the most influential paintings in Christian history.

Ep 1 The Secret of Nuremberg

The Incredible Journey / 12 LIKES

Adolf Hitler could have saved himself, his people and the world a lot of heartache and agony if only he’d taken note of an ancient prophecy, cast in stone, above the entrance to the old town hall, in Nuremberg. This amazing prophecy written 2600 years ago accurately predicted the future of Europe, the outcome of World War Two and the fate of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and it also contains a message for us today. Don’t miss it!

Ep 1 Storm On The Sea of Galilee

Masterstroke Mini Series / 11 LIKES

Why did Rembrandt paint himself as a disciple of Christ? Why is he holding onto his hat and a rope on the boat?

Ep 1 A Picture of God

Masterstroke / 10 LIKES

What is your picture of God? Presenter Neale Schoflield talks to artist Phil McKay about his painting "Hand of Jesus" to discover a new perspctive on the age old question, "Is God a good God?".

Ep 2 What Are You Worth

Masterstroke / 10 LIKES

Have you ever wondered how much you are worth? Presenter Neale Schofield investigates the famous painting "The taking of Christ" by Caravaggio which depicts Judas selling Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, to discover why Judas thought Jesus was worth so little, and why Jesus thought Judas was worth so much.

Episode 8: Jesus The King

Revolutionary / 10 LIKES

The Gospels provide a truly unconventional depiction of their hero as a king. Oleg highlights the shameful and barbaric nature of crucifixion while Sergio explores the impact that a different kind of king can make today.

Ep 4 C.S Lewis

The Incredible Journey / 9 LIKES

Before he turned 10 years of age, his mother died of cancer. So a young C. S. Lewis turned his back on God and became a militant atheist. Even being almost killed in the trenches of the Somme in 1918 didn’t change his mind. Yet from that angry and confused young man, Lewis went on to become someone who stood up and brought hope to his nation in the darkest hours in World War II. What made C. S. Lewis change his mind and go on to become one of the twentieth century’s strongest advocates for Christianity? Many have read his books. Now you can find out the true story of C. S. Lewis the man.

Ep 1 Compromise & Controversy

Lineage Journey / 9 LIKES

We begin our journey with an event that changed the Christian landscape immeasurably - the conversion of Constantine.

Ep 3 Holy Island & Aidan

Lineage Journey / 9 LIKES

Lindisfarne, also known as the Holy Island, situated on the north Coast of England would be the base of mission operations in England in the 7th century.

Ep 6 Waldenses - People of the Valleys

Lineage Journey / 9 LIKES

The Church in the Wilderness of Revelation 12:6,14 is perhaps best illustrated by the experience of the Waldensians.

Ep 31 William Tyndale

Lineage Journey / 9 LIKES

Voted as the 26th top Briton of all time on a BBC poll, William Tyndale sits comfortably amongst the most significant reformers.

Ep 7 The Conversion of St Paul

Masterstroke Mini Series / 8 LIKES

See how a horse is the feature of this painting and how Paul was made lower than the animals.

Ep 4 The Tide Turns

Lineage Journey / 8 LIKES

Crucial decisions would be made during the Whitby Synod in 664 A.D. that would affect the future of Christianity

Ep 33 John Knox- Scotland's Greatest Reformer

Lineage Journey / 8 LIKES

John Knox started his ministry as a two handed sword carrier to protext George Wishart, but after his death he picked up the mantle

Ep 39 The Spanish Armada

Lineage Journey / 8 LIKES

The Spanish Armada was one of the largest fleets ever assembled and yet they never accomplished what they set out to do.

Ep 40 The Gunpowder Plot

Lineage Journey / 8 LIKES

In 1605 there would be another attempt to forcibly remove the King of England, though this time the chosen method was to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

Ep 41 The Mayflower

Lineage Journey / 8 LIKES

The Mayflower ship sailed from England to America in 1620 and would change history forever.

Episode 4: Jesus The Healer

Revolutionary / 8 LIKES

The miracles of Jesus present the most problems to the modern mindset. In this episode, Sergio and Oleg both highlight how looking at them through a different lens brings out their true meaning.

Ep 2 The Secret of Die Schachspieler

Masterstroke / 7 LIKES

The painting is called "The Chess Players". It's a desperate scene of a man losing his soul to the devil—or is it? What is the secret this painting hides?

Ep 5 Money

Masterstroke / 7 LIKES

Wall Street bankers voted themselves $28 billion in bonuses, while 2.8 billion people struggled on less than $2 per day. What can the history of art teach us about the "rights" and "wrongs" of money?

Ep 6 Weighed in the Balance

Masterstroke / 7 LIKES

What happens after death? The painting "Belshazzar’s Feast" by Rembrandt shows the moment in time a powerful king discovered his fate. Through this painting discover the answer to the most important question in life, and the secret to salvation?

Ep 6 Artemesia

Masterstroke / 7 LIKES

On a list of 101 great painters of all time, only three were women. This week, Masterstroke looks at the astonishing story of one of the greatest painters you've probably never heard of.

Ep 1 The Rosetta Stone

Mysteries Unearthed / 7 LIKES

Deciphering the Rosetta Stone not only opened up the history, culture and religious practices of the ancient Egyptians but has also helped to reveal the substantial historicity of the ancient texts.

Ep 9 Jesus the Messiah

Mysteries Unearthed / 7 LIKES

Many claim Jesus was just a good man like Buddha or Muhammed. However Jesus claimed to be God in human flesh. He was either a liar, or crazy or truly God to make such an audacious claim.

Ep 3 John Wesley

The Incredible Journey / 7 LIKES

Today we often focus on economic and military power as the way that we can save nations. But one man did it by bringing about spiritual revival. By calling people back to true religion, he is “The Man Who Saved England.” He almost certainly changed the course of history. He transformed his nation. But first, he had to be transformed himself. And his call to personal and social holiness still challenges Christians today.

Ep 6 The Death Camp Murals

The Incredible Journey / 7 LIKES

Before World War II, Singapore was know as an “impregnable fortress.” But the British surrendered to the Japanese after just 7 days of fighting. 50,000 British and Australian soldiers were taken captive. One man showed them Jesus in a very unusual way and gave them hope. Watch the program here in HD to learn more. Invite your friends to watch it too!

Ep 4 Boy Blowing Bubbles

Masterstroke Mini Series / 7 LIKES

Why do so many famous paintings feature children blowing bubbles? What do they mean?

Ep 2 Scotlands Braveheart

Lineage Journey / 7 LIKES

From a small, barren and windswept island a great impact would be felt far and wide.

Ep 5 Dinooth & Columbanus

Lineage Journey / 7 LIKES

This week we travel from Iona to Wales where another training school was established and then we follow one of their missionaries as

Ep 8 The Waldenses - Lux Lucet In Tenebris

Lineage Journey / 7 LIKES

Hunted and persecuted they often had to retreat into the bowels of the earth and worship God

Ep 14 Bohemian Reformation - Burned for Their Faith

Lineage Journey / 7 LIKES

Burned for their faith, Huss and Jerome approached the stake as if they were attending a wedding not a martyrdom.

Ep 18 Martin Luther- Discovering The Word

Lineage Journey / 7 LIKES

Medieval Europe in the 15th century was ripe for change. A man was born in Germany into a humble home…

Ep 20 Ulrich Zwingli- The Swiss Reformation

Lineage Journey / 7 LIKES

Zwingli did for Switzerland what Luther did for Germany - spearheading reform, standing for truth and calling people back to the Bible.

Ep 26 John Calvin- Early Years In France

Lineage Journey / 7 LIKES

Though his greatest work would occur in Switzerland, John Calvin began his life near Paris.

Ep 27 Placards and Protest In France

Lineage Journey / 7 LIKES

In their desire to see the Reformation advanced in France, some decisions were made that ultimately proved extremely costly.

Ep 36 Ridley And Latimer Light A Candle

Lineage Journey / 7 LIKES

During the reign of Mary Tudor, over 260 Protestants were put to death in England, earning her the title, Bloody Mary.'

Ep 37 Thomas Cranmer- Cowardice And Courage

Lineage Journey / 7 LIKES

Thomas Cranmer would go from a peaceful life at Cambridge University to being the Archbishop of Canterbury, then a prisoner in the Tower of London…

Ep 3 Left Out Of The Picture

Masterstroke / 6 LIKES

Have you ever looked at a painting and felt like something was missing? It's not quite right and you just can't put your finger onto it. Delving into the mind of Vincent van Gogh we will search for answers that will not only help us understand his paintings, but also the man himself.

Ep 5 Egypt in Bible Prophecy

Mysteries Unearthed / 6 LIKES

Are the records of ancient Egypt in the Bible historically accurate?

Ep 9 Man of the Millenium: Martin Luther

The Incredible Journey / 6 LIKES

Five hundred years ago, an event took place that shook the world and changed the course of human history. A young German monk challenged the power and authority of the most powerful empire on earth – an empire that had ruled for a thousand years.

Ep 6 David and Goliath

Masterstroke Mini Series / 6 LIKES

"David and Goliath" is not just a painting about a Bible story. It is a painting about life.

Ep 8 Mote and The Beam

Masterstroke Mini Series / 6 LIKES

Have you ever had someone criticize you but you know they've done far worse things than you?

Ep 10 Two Children Teasing a Cat

Masterstroke Mini Series / 6 LIKES

Why did the Dutch have the saying, "whoever plays with cats gets scratched"?

Ep 11 Raising Of Lazarus

Masterstroke Mini Series / 6 LIKES

When he based his painting on Rembrandt's rendition why did Van Gogh choose to crop out Jesus?

Ep 13 Jeremiah lamenting the destruction of Jerusalem

Masterstroke Mini Series / 6 LIKES

Imagine preaching for 40 years and no one listens. All you receive for your efforts is public torture, and nearly drowning in a pit of slime.

Ep 9 The Albigensian Massacre

Lineage Journey / 6 LIKES

Pope Innocent III was anything but innocent. During his reign, numerous groups were persecuted at the start of the 13th century,…

Ep 15 Bohemian Reformation - Hussite Wars

Lineage Journey / 6 LIKES

It was hoped by some that the death of Huss and Jerome would signal an end to the work in Bohemia but this was not to be the case.

Ep 16 John Wycliffe- Worldwide Witness

Lineage Journey / 6 LIKES

John Wycliffe died in 1384 but he was not destined to rest in the grave.

Ep 17 The Press Behind the Reformation

Lineage Journey / 6 LIKES

Every several hundred years an invention comes along that revolutionises society, fundamentally changing some aspect of our lives.

Ep 21 Martin Luther- The 95 Theses

Lineage Journey / 6 LIKES

Aside from the Bible, perhaps the single most significant document written by someone is the 95 Thesis by Martin Luther.

Ep 24 Martin Luther- Captured to A Castle

Lineage Journey / 6 LIKES

Whilst on his way home from the Diet of Worms, Luther was 'captured' and taken to Wartburg Castle.

Ep 30 Scandinavian Reformation

Lineage Journey / 6 LIKES

The Reformation swept across Europe in the 16th century, creating strongholds in Germany, Switzerland, England and Scotland leaving a trail of conflict and martyrdom in its wake…

Ep 32 George Wishart- Scotland's Forgotten Forerunner

Lineage Journey / 6 LIKES

George Wishart lived just 33 years yet he made a significant impact on Scotland through his Godly life and powerful preaching

Ep 34 John Knox- Showdown At Holyrood

Lineage Journey / 6 LIKES

Mary Queen of Scots had a fearsome reputation, causing many a strong man to wilt in her presence, but this was not true of John Knox.

Ep 38 Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre

Lineage Journey / 6 LIKES

One of the saddest and most gruesome events to occur in the 16th century was without doubt the St Bartholomew's Day massacre.

Ep 42 Martin Luther - The Protest Is Not Over

Lineage Journey / 6 LIKES

Martin Luther’s protest 500 years ago has been debated at length. Is it still valid?

Ep 43 The Waldenses - Massacre at Castelluzzo

Lineage Journey / 6 LIKES

Casteluzzo towers over the valley and town of Torre Pelice as a constant reminder of the persecution that the Waldenses have been through.

Ep 46 John Wesley & George Whitfield

Lineage Journey / 6 LIKES

John Wesley and George Whitfield would have a huge impact on Christianity throughout the world.

Ep 47 Mary Jones & World Missions

Lineage Journey / 6 LIKES

16 year old Mary Jones saved her pennies and walked barefoot 28 miles through the desolate Welsh countryside to buy a Bible.

Episode 1: Jesus The Man

Revolutionary / 6 LIKES

Sergio and Oleg look to peel back all the layers of tradition that are part of today's picture of Jesus and look at him simply as a man. From there, a new journey of discovery begins and a fresh picture of Jesus emerges.

Episode 7: Jesus The Priest

Revolutionary / 6 LIKES

In Israel, Oleg brings to life a world obsessed with ritual cleansing and a man who took bold steps to allow people to stand before God. In NY, Sergio meets with several different people who connect others to God in surprising ways.

Episode 9: Jesus The Messiah

Revolutionary / 6 LIKES

An ancient, previously undiscovered writing, “The War Scroll,” predicts an epic spiritual battle to be led by a mighty spiritual warrior: The Messiah. Oleg and Sergio examine the ancient and modern repercussions of a Messiah no one could have possibly expected.

Ep 4 The Power of Forgiveness

Masterstroke / 5 LIKES

This week on Masterstroke, Neale explores the benefits and beauty of the art of forgiveness.

Ep 4 Doubting Thomas

Masterstroke / 5 LIKES

The painting "The incredulity of Thomas" by Caravaggio, depicts the most notorious example of doubt in history. So why did Thomas have such doubts, and how did he resolve them?

Ep 3 The Dead Sea Scrolls

Mysteries Unearthed / 5 LIKES

Dead Sea Scrolls are significant in revealing that the Old Testament manuscripts have essentially remained unchanged through the last 2200 years.

Ep 4 The Hittites & The Mesha Stele

Mysteries Unearthed / 5 LIKES

How was the lost civilisation of the ancient Hittites was discovered?

Ep 7 Persia in Bible Prophecy

Mysteries Unearthed / 5 LIKES

Why is the Cyrus Cylinder important in knowing historical accuracy, and does it have any knowledge of the future?

Ep 10 The Lost City in the Sea

Mysteries Unearthed / 5 LIKES

Is the Bible is both historically accurate and prophetically dependable? What do the Bible’s ancient predictions of Tyre reveal to us.

Ep 2 The Book That Went to The Moon

The Incredible Journey / 5 LIKES

On 20 July 1969, over 500 million people watched in awe as Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon. One of the little-known facts about Neil Armstrong and the Apollo astronauts is that they were not just the best and the brightest scientists and engineers that America had to offer but many of them were Christians. In this program, we discuss the Christianity of those astronauts and why NASA remained tight-lipped about it. Don’t miss this incredible program commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing

Ep 5 The Battle Box Singapore

The Incredible Journey / 5 LIKES

Fort Canning is located in the middle of Singapore. From this colonial fort, you can trace the rise and fall of great empires and re-live one of the most important battles in history – one that provides insights into the Universal Battle and the war behind all wars.

Ep 5 The Love Letter

Masterstroke Mini Series / 5 LIKES

Have you ever received a love letter? Not just an email but a hand written letter?

Ep 9 Old Woman Saying Grace

Masterstroke Mini Series / 5 LIKES

The knife is falling off the table and there are distractions everywhere. Yet nothing stops this lady from saying grace.

Ep 12 Creation of Adam

Masterstroke Mini Series / 5 LIKES

When Bishop Giovio looked up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the 1520's he couldn't work it out.

Ep 7 The Waldenses - A Mission Movement

Lineage Journey / 5 LIKES

Deep in the valleys this sturdy people lived and worked, but they were not hermits.

Ep 10 Magna Carta- The Foundation of Freedom

Lineage Journey / 5 LIKES

The Magna Carta is one of the most important documents in history, yet many have never heard of it or read it in full.

Ep 11 John Wycliffe- The Morning Star

Lineage Journey / 5 LIKES

John Wycliffe - Morning Star of the Reformation, lived over 600 years ago, yet his legacy lives on.

Ep 12 Bohemian Reformation - Huss & Jerome

Lineage Journey / 5 LIKES

The small region of Bohemia, located in modern day Czech Republic, was home to two mighty heroes of the reformation

Ep 22 Martin Luther- The Papal Bull

Lineage Journey / 5 LIKES

Martin Luther was not left to live his life in peace but encountered repeated opposition and trial.

Ep 23 Martin Luther- Here I Stand

Lineage Journey / 5 LIKES

Despite his relatively young age and lack of experience, Martin Luther was not swayed by pressure or opinion.

Ep 28 John Calvin- The Work in Geneva

Lineage Journey / 5 LIKES

Geneva would become almost a Protestant version of Rome. Many reformers would pass through this city in the 16th century from all over Europe …

Ep 35 The Waldensians Meet the Reformation

Lineage Journey / 5 LIKES

After being isolated for many years, in the 16th century the Waldenses would meet with the leaders of the reformation.

Ep 45 The Origins of Methodism

Lineage Journey / 5 LIKES

Today the Methodist church spans the globe, yet its birth was unintentional and its roots go back to a Bible study group at Oxford University.

Ep 48 Is the Reformation Over

Lineage Journey / 5 LIKES

The reformation was not a singular event or fixed date, but rather a progression of ideas and beliefs …

Ep 3 The Mystery of Miracles

Masterstroke / 4 LIKES

This week, Masterstroke examines what the greatest art in history tells us about the mystery of miracles.

Ep 2 The Behistun Inscription

Mysteries Unearthed / 4 LIKES

Deciphering of the Behistun Inscription not only opened up the history, culture and religious practices of the ancient people of Mesopotamia, but has also helped to reveal the substantial historicity of ancient texts.

Ep 6 Babylon in Bible Prophecy

Mysteries Unearthed / 4 LIKES

Have the Bible’s historical statements about ancient Babylon been verified from history? Were its prophecies concerning Babylon fulfilled accurately?

Ep 8 The Historical Jesus

Mysteries Unearthed / 4 LIKES

Are there ancient Roman and Jewish documents that support the Biblical claim that there was a person living 2000 years ago called Jesus, who was crucified?

Ep 7 Titanic- Endless Love

The Incredible Journey / 4 LIKES

More than 100 years have sailed by since the world’s most luxurious steamship, RMS Titanic, made its disastrous end in the North Atlantic sea, after crashing into an iceberg during its maiden voyage from London to New York. A deep-sea grave became the ‘pinnacle of human achievement’s’ final destination in the early hours of April 15 1912. One passenger, Ida Straus, a first-class female, who by all societal laws was most entitled to a lifeboat position. Offered a chance to survive, Ida Straus refused to go without her husband Isidor. Choosing instead to make the ultimate sacrifice for love, the love and devotion of Ida and Isidor, captured in their final moments together, lives on well beyond their lifetime, serving as a symbol of eternal love. This is their story.

Ep 8 The Morning Star: John Wycliffe

The Incredible Journey / 4 LIKES

The historical and theological significance of Martin Luther is encapsulated in the memorial, in the centre of Worms. Luther is surrounded by some of the most important people who paved the way for the reformation. They include John Wycliffe, Jan Hus and Girolamo Savonarola. They laid the foundation for Martin Luther. What’s more, it’s the story of the birth of the modern age. But perhaps, even more importantly, it’s a story that could bring you peace and freedom.

Ep 2 The Return of the Prodigal Son

Masterstroke Mini Series / 4 LIKES

Imagine celebrating by lifting up a glass of beer in one painting and then kneeling down with tattered clothes in another.

Ep 3 The Musicians

Masterstroke Mini Series / 4 LIKES

Does music really "make the world go round"? If so, why?

Ep 13 Bohemian Reformation - Trial of Huss & Jerome

Lineage Journey / 4 LIKES

In 1415 the Council of Constance convened to settle the papal schism and deal with 'heresies' that were arising. Two men from Bohemia would find themselves there.

Ep 19 Martin Luther- The Just Shall Live By Faith

Lineage Journey / 4 LIKES

Early in his ministry Luther would embark on a trip that would change his life forever.

Ep 25 Martin Luther- Protest of the Princes

Lineage Journey / 4 LIKES

The name ‘Protestant’ dates back to a meeting in the town of Speyer, Germany and 8 Princes protested against the abuse of power…

Ep 29 Geneva- International Hub of Reform

Lineage Journey / 4 LIKES

It would seem that nearly everyone who made a significant impact in the 16th century reformation passed through Geneva.

Ep 44 Marie Durant- Righteous Resistence

Lineage Journey / 4 LIKES

Marie Durand spent 38 years in prison with her only crime being her Protestant faith.

Episode 2: Jesus The Revolutionary

Revolutionary / 4 LIKES

Oleg examines the revolution of Jesus of Nazareth and how it stood in stark contrast to his 1st century Roman world. In NY, Sergio encounters groups taking innovative steps to transform their communities.

Episode 5: Jesus The Prophet

Revolutionary / 4 LIKES

In Israel, Oleg highlights a prophet who called on his world to change. In NY, Sergio uncovers fascinating connections between this prophet's message and our world today.

Episode 10: Jesus the Son of God

Revolutionary / 4 LIKES

It’s the greatest title the Gospels give Jesus: Son of God. Oleg uncovers what a truly bold claim this would have been in Jesus’ world while Sergio meets with a man who undertook a search for God that turned his world completely upside down.