蔬食GO健康 / 11 VIEWS


The Series Ep 4 (Eva & Azim)

Uncertainty / 11 VIEWS

Eva (Cali, Colombia) fled her country to start a new life from scratch. Azim (Grigorjewka, Kyrgyzstan) has lived always in the same place, far from all civilization.

CATS: Curious Desire to Learn (Ep 4)

Creatures, Teach Us! / 11 VIEWS

What has whiskers, long tails and sharp claws? Cats! We learn about growth mindsets from Isaac, Javen, and Joanna's discussion of the insatiable curiosity in a cat's psyche.

Ep 31 Intro

A Word For Your Family / 10 VIEWS

Ep 12 Edamame Hummus

Heart Healthy Kitchen / 10 VIEWS

You’ve heard of green smoothies, but how about a green dip? Using a popular Japanese appetiser, this dish is just as healthy and easy to whip up.

Ep 3 Indian Chickpea & Potato Wrap

Good Food Kitchen / 10 VIEWS

An Indian style chickpea and potato wrap recipe.

Ep 2 The Behistun Inscription

Mysteries Unearthed / 10 VIEWS

Deciphering of the Behistun Inscription not only opened up the history, culture and religious practices of the ancient people of Mesopotamia, but has also helped to reveal the substantial historicity of ancient texts.

Ep 4 Boy Blowing Bubbles

Masterstroke Mini Series / 10 VIEWS

Why do so many famous paintings feature children blowing bubbles? What do they mean?

Ep 3 - Not Tuna

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 10 VIEWS

Salad without the Tuna? Learn how chickpeas and a special sauce recipe is a delicious alternative to Tuna!

Ep 7 - Overnight Oats

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 10 VIEWS

Having trouble getting organised in the morning? Why not prep breakfast the night before?

S01E01 - Dinner with Jesus

Alabaster Jars (Podcast) / 10 VIEWS

Who would be a fool and miss out on something fabulous?

The Series Ep 3 (Rachelle & Martin)

Uncertainty / 10 VIEWS

Rachelle (Beirut, Lebanon) is unemployed and has no way to pay her bills and expenses. One in four Lebanese are unemployed. Her future is uncertain… Martin (Lima, Peru) surprisingly contracted a rare disease: The Guillain Barre syndrome. In less than 48 hours, he lost total mobility in his muscles. He does not know how long his recovery process will be.

Ep 6 Dr. Celeste Holbrook - The Power of Being Enough

New Freedom To Love / 9 VIEWS

Celeste Holbrook will lead an education on female sexuality and how pornography can distort female identity. Understand how to overcome sexual barriers like low libido, shame, and replace these barriers with belonging, pleasure, and love. If you would like to speak to someone regarding an issue you are facing, write to us!

Ep 21 Exercise and test scores

Facts With Hope / 9 VIEWS

Exercise at school boosts test scores

Ep 28 Keys

A Word For Your Family / 9 VIEWS

Ep 3 No Worries

Dogtales / 9 VIEWS

We live in a world of worry and stress. Why? Most concerns never even eventuate! Cyrus never worries. Why? Because he trusts us to fulfill his simple needs. Imagine if all of us had that sort of trust in the one we love?

Ep 3 Broccoli & Mushroom Stir Fry with Tomato Brown Rice

Heart Healthy Kitchen / 9 VIEWS

It’s a simple stirfry dish, but has the potential to fight diseases, is high in antioxidants, and is full of yummy goodness.

Ep 8 Spicy Pumpkin Curry Noodles

Heart Healthy Kitchen / 9 VIEWS

Resembling a spicy vegetable stew, the noodles in this recipe serves more as just another ingredient in the dish than a “base” for the curry.

Ep 9 Miso Udon with Braised Tau Kwa

Heart Healthy Kitchen / 9 VIEWS

A simple vegetarian take on the Japanese classic with just five main ingredients, two of which can be easily replaced with whatever vegetables you have in the fridge.

Ep 11 Cheesy Cashew Dip

Heart Healthy Kitchen / 9 VIEWS

This recipe calls for a bit of pre-planning in that you have to soak the cashews the night before, but after that, it’s just one simple step to a delicious dip.

Ep 2 The Return of the Prodigal Son

Masterstroke Mini Series / 9 VIEWS

Imagine celebrating by lifting up a glass of beer in one painting and then kneeling down with tattered clothes in another.

Ep 3 The Musicians

Masterstroke Mini Series / 9 VIEWS

Does music really "make the world go round"? If so, why?

Ep 11 Raising Of Lazarus

Masterstroke Mini Series / 9 VIEWS

When he based his painting on Rembrandt's rendition why did Van Gogh choose to crop out Jesus?

Ep 4 The Tide Turns

Lineage Journey / 9 VIEWS

Crucial decisions would be made during the Whitby Synod in 664 A.D. that would affect the future of Christianity

Ep 43 The Waldenses - Massacre at Castelluzzo

Lineage Journey / 9 VIEWS

Casteluzzo towers over the valley and town of Torre Pelice as a constant reminder of the persecution that the Waldenses have been through.

03 - Pomegranates

Live It / 9 VIEWS

Drinking a daily glass of pomegranate juice can halve the build-up of harmful proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Ep 5 - Natural Cough Syrup

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 9 VIEWS

Down with a bad cough? Instead of going to the doctors, Gia shows how to make natural cough syrup with just 3 ingredients!

Ep 57 F.O.M.O.

Tree Of Life / 9 VIEWS

“Fear Of Missing Out” is often referred to as “FOMO"—the fear of missing out on an event or an item that is better than what we currently have or are doing.

Ep 80 The One Thing You Need Everyday

Tree Of Life / 9 VIEWS

What things or items do you use on a daily basis? Pastor Johnny Kan shares the top thing we need every day, in order to function at our best.

Ep 94 | Love is spelled T-I-M-E

Tree Of Life / 9 VIEWS

How do you let your loved ones know that they matter to you? How do you let God know that He matters above all else? Pastor Christon and his daughter, Enya, have some answers.

Ep 1 Reunion and Volcano

Animal Encounters / 9 VIEWS

Hosts Gabi and Cassila travel to Costa Rica for another adventure together.

Ep 138 | Our only security blanket

Tree Of Life / 9 VIEWS

Where do you place your trust? What helps you to feel safe and assured? Pastor Christon brings us into his safe space and shares what makes him feel secure.

Ep 1 - 眼科 - 抢救3C眼

健康新知 Health News / 9 VIEWS


God Has Chosen You | Sheena Quek

Unplugged / 9 VIEWS

Healthcare frontliners out there. THANK YOU for the sacrifices that you have made to care for those in pain.

Testimony - Learning to Really Love

Better Heart, Better Mind, Better Spirit / 9 VIEWS

Oi Lin's experience of learning what love really means.

12 - Chia Seed Pudding - 4 ways

Ready, Set…Cook! / 8 VIEWS

Craving something a little sweet? Try this wonderfully versatile chia seed pudding that gives your body the fiber it needs!

Ep 6 Love For His Master

Dogtales / 8 VIEWS

Capitan was a dog in Argentina who was heartbroken when his master died. He found his masters grave and slept there every night. In this program Neale Schofield stands by the grave of his mother and shares from his heart some life lessons he has learnt from his good friend Cyrus.

Ep 1 Bircher Muesli

Good Food Kitchen / 8 VIEWS

Healthy muesli bowl recipe with almond, orange juice and other assorted fruits

Ep 10 Magna Carta- The Foundation of Freedom

Lineage Journey / 8 VIEWS

The Magna Carta is one of the most important documents in history, yet many have never heard of it or read it in full.

Ep 8 Loved and Lost

Tree Of Life / 8 VIEWS

Have you ever loved and lost someone? Pastor Christon shares a slice of his office life and how we can look forward to a place where there will be no more cause for loss.

Ep 9 Like Fungus

Tree Of Life / 8 VIEWS

Have you thought of how synergies work? Pastor Bayu brings this alive with an illustration about his favourite food.

Ep 7 - Lower Body B: Workout with Alisha

Exercise with Alisha / 8 VIEWS

Today’s workout focuses on the lower body. All it takes is ten minutes with Alisha!

Ep 20 Learning never stops!

Tree Of Life / 8 VIEWS

On a visit to his alma mater, Pastor Christon shares his reflections on our unending journey of growth in Christ.

11 - Colon Cancer

Live It / 8 VIEWS

Green vegetables with dried fruit, legumes and brown rice may build a protective barrier against colon cancer.

Ep 30 The eternal gift

Tree Of Life / 8 VIEWS

Pastor Christon and his wife received a most precious gift this year - baby Enya!

Ep 72 Why Isn't This World A Better Place?

Tree Of Life / 8 VIEWS

What doesn't demand the same energy and initiative required in speaking, but is still a critical skill to have in order to improve relationships and understanding? Pastor Johnny Wong reveals this simple skill in today's Tree of Life.

Ep 85 | You Are Not Alone

Tree Of Life / 8 VIEWS

Life is going to look a little different for awhile. But we're in this together. Pastor Christon shows us why we can be sure we are not alone.

S01E23 - A True Friend

Alabaster Jars (Podcast) / 8 VIEWS

"The loyalty between David and Jonathan transcended personal needs and priorities. More importantly, their friendship also united them in their service to God...." Key verse — 1 Samuel 18:3 “Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul” Today's episode is read by Bernice Leong.

基督徒家庭無字 01

基督徒家庭 A Christian Family / 8 VIEWS


Dynamic stretch workout

Exercise with Alisha / 8 VIEWS

Put your body in active motion with this dynamic stretch that can help you warm up for your day's activities.

Recipe 13 - No cook soup

The Healthy Foodie / 8 VIEWS

Who needs smoothies when you have no-cook soups? Cool and refreshing, this no-cook soup is the perfect dish to complete your meal, preserving the maximum goodness of raw vegetables - enzymes, vitamins and minerals and all.

Ep 30 Improving Your Self-Esteem

Speak Up / 7 VIEWS

Through mass media, we consume ideas of how women should be, what they should do, and how they should look like. On this episode, discover your true beauty!

Ep 2 Media and teens

Facts With Hope / 7 VIEWS

A recent study found that teenage girls that spend a large amount of time on computers are more likely to gain more weight.

Ep 2 Unconditional Love

Dogtales / 7 VIEWS

There is a sticker that says, “Try to be the person your dog thinks you are.” Why? Because your dog thinks the best of you. Dogs accept you and love you unconditionally. Imagine if everyone was like that?

Ep 4 Forgetting Failures

Dogtales / 7 VIEWS

All of us have failed at something. Sometimes those failures come back to haunt us. In this program we take Cyrus back to the scene of his greatest failure to see how he will cope. The result may surprise you.

Ep 7 Tom Yam Brown Rice Vermicelli with Toasted Mushrooms

Heart Healthy Kitchen / 7 VIEWS

A healthy vegetarian twist to the classic sour-and-spicy Thai soup, with added fibre and disease-fighting mushrooms.

Ep 13 Spicy Maple Peanut Pasta

Heart Healthy Kitchen / 7 VIEWS

They sound like ingredients better used in pancakes, but peanut butter and maple syrup make a great pasta sauce too.

Ep 6 Artemesia

Masterstroke / 7 VIEWS

On a list of 101 great painters of all time, only three were women. This week, Masterstroke looks at the astonishing story of one of the greatest painters you've probably never heard of.

Ep 6 Babylon in Bible Prophecy

Mysteries Unearthed / 7 VIEWS

Have the Bible’s historical statements about ancient Babylon been verified from history? Were its prophecies concerning Babylon fulfilled accurately?

Ep 12 Creation of Adam

Masterstroke Mini Series / 7 VIEWS

When Bishop Giovio looked up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the 1520's he couldn't work it out.

Ep 11 John Wycliffe- The Morning Star

Lineage Journey / 7 VIEWS

John Wycliffe - Morning Star of the Reformation, lived over 600 years ago, yet his legacy lives on.

Ep 20 Ulrich Zwingli- The Swiss Reformation

Lineage Journey / 7 VIEWS

Zwingli did for Switzerland what Luther did for Germany - spearheading reform, standing for truth and calling people back to the Bible.

Ep 22 Martin Luther- The Papal Bull

Lineage Journey / 7 VIEWS

Martin Luther was not left to live his life in peace but encountered repeated opposition and trial.

Ep 5 Teens and Freedom

Help! I Am A Parent / 7 VIEWS

How do we set appropriate boundaries with our teens? How much is too much? How little is too little?

Ep 1 - Lower Body #1 - 10-Minute Workout with Alisha

Exercise with Alisha / 7 VIEWS

Get off your butt and let our resident personal trainer, Alisha, takes us through a lower body workout.

Ep 8 - Butt and Thighs - 10-Minute Workout with Alisha

Exercise with Alisha / 7 VIEWS

Want some toned butt and thighs? Our resident personal trainer, Alisha makes us work for it in a series of leg kicking and squat exercises.

02 - Reusable Grocery Bags

Live It / 7 VIEWS

Reusable grocery bags may also carry dangerous bacteria.

06 - Avocados & Almonds

Live It / 7 VIEWS

Let’s focus on two foods that we should eat if we want to lose weight—avocados and almonds.

07 - Water

Live It / 7 VIEWS

Drink at least five glasses of water every day to lower your risk for heart disease.

08 - Mediterranean Diet

Live It / 7 VIEWS

Research shows that we should eat fatty foods. That is, the healthy ones like olive oil, to fight bad cholesterol.

Ep 1 - Hummus

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 7 VIEWS

You can never have too many recipes for hummus.

Ep 75 Faith Comes From Hearing

Tree Of Life / 7 VIEWS

What do you call a sheep covered in chocolate? A candy baa! Pastor Johnny Kan is not sheepish about today's Tree of Life. Wool you watch it?

Ep 78 | Social Distancing

Tree Of Life / 7 VIEWS

Are you having a problem with social distancing? Then Pastor Christon needs you to know this very important lesson.

Ep 95 | Don't let the sun go down on…

Tree Of Life / 7 VIEWS

Are Christians allowed to get angry? What does the Bible have to say? Pastor James shares some keen insights on being emotional.

Ep 6 Still Life with Open Bible

Masterstroke Mini Series / 7 VIEWS

Van Gogh lived a troubled life. Did he base his life on the Bible or human philosophy?

Ep 109 | He will supply our needs

Tree Of Life / 7 VIEWS

What can we learn about God's providence from a trip to the supermarket? Pastor Christon shares.

Ep 110 | A challenge

Tree Of Life / 7 VIEWS

How much of the Bible have you committed to memory? Pastor Johnny Wong puts forth a challenge to all of us today.

Ep 118 | Never changing

Tree Of Life / 7 VIEWS

"New normal" — that's the phrase that is being used widely these days. This pandemic has changed the way we live and life will not be the same. Is there anything that we can still be sure of? Pastor Isagani has a reassuring answer.


全人生活新指南-烹饪篇 (Cooking Series) / 7 VIEWS


The Series Ep 5 (Joyce & Silviu)

Uncertainty / 7 VIEWS

Joyce (Pretoria, South Africa) has had to face many adversities at the same time. Unemployed, with many debts and the responsibility of supporting her children, she faces one of the most difficult moments of her life. Silviu (Bucharest, Romania) has lived in prison for the past 17 years. His future is totally uncertain.

芥菜种 Mustard Seed

316 音乐事工 (MVs) / 7 VIEWS

耶稣说:「我实在告诉你们,你们若有信心,像一粒芥菜种,就是对这座山说:『你从这边挪到那边』,它也必挪去。」《马太福音17:20》 作曲:林合安 作词:曽美芳 编曲:Wayne Khin 歌词: 主耶稣他曾经这么说,主耶稣他曾经这么说, 如果你有信心,好像一粒芥菜种,你就能,你就能, 吩咐大山从原处挪到一旁! 芥菜种虽小,将来却能变大树, 因它吸收养料越长越牢固, 领受神的话,信心会由小变大, 什么困难什么障碍都不怕。

都好 All Is Well

316 音乐事工 (MVs) / 7 VIEWS

人生无论是喜是乐,或生或死,只要有耶稣在你身边,一切都好。 作曲:林合安 作 词:曾美芳 编曲:Wayne Khin 歌词: 认识主实在好 人的根源已找到 本以为在世彷惶无助原来有倚靠 我的心不再逃 因他完全的爱已将我套牢 主基督我至宝 是美好中的美好 我愿意接受千锤百炼让他来塑造 就算有大风暴 我心却不害怕因主手环绕 主的爱太奇妙 得救至今忘不了 是他救我脱离绝望泥沼 爱也好恨也好 只要有主就够了 他是我主深知何对我最好 明天事谁能料 要信主也当趁早 是谁的心还未让主摸着 有也好没也好 救恩人人都需要 可愿让主作你审判的中保

Ep 164 | Hustle and bustle

Tree Of Life / 7 VIEWS

Do you get lost in the busyness of life and the news that bombard us daily? After a chat with a friend, Pastor James shares how we can gain our focus back.

Ep 173 | Always watching out for you

Tree Of Life / 7 VIEWS

Congratulations are in order as Pastor Christon introduces us to the new addition to his family. He also shares an assuring promise of a God that is always watching out for us.

Ep 3 - 营养师 - 轻松减重

健康新知 Health News / 7 VIEWS

你还在为减肥饥饿厌世吗? 算卡路里算得心很累? 其实不是饿肚子就会瘦. 现在吃饱饱还能瘦这才是王道. 今天我们超人气营养师宋明桦营分享她亲自研发专门为忙碌的现代人设计的减糖低卡包瘦汤.

Ep 4 - 肾脏科 - 预防痛风

健康新知 Health News / 7 VIEWS

痛风其实在古代被称为帝王病因为它常好发在达官贵人的身上. 但是现在痛风似乎已经变成我们常见的健康问题. 到底怎么样来预防痛风呢? 今天很高兴为你邀请到的专家是基隆长庚医院肾脏科吴逸文医师来分享

Ep 6 Dating Violence

Speak Up / 6 VIEWS

Are you ready to put your relationship to the test? How can you identify if you are in an abusive relationship? Recognize the warning signs and the steps you can take to be set free.

Ep 9 Your Stem Cells

Miraculous You / 6 VIEWS

Stem cells specialize on different tissues and organs. Within the nucleus of every cell in the body, the complete DNA is found.

Ep 2 Steve's Story

New Freedom To Love / 6 VIEWS

Steve shares his struggle with pornography addiction and finding true intimacy with his spouse.

Ep 4 Gratitude

Facts With Hope / 6 VIEWS

Grateful people take better care of themselves.

Ep 4 Tact

A Word For Your Family / 6 VIEWS

Ep 5 Sympathy

A Word For Your Family / 6 VIEWS

Ep 6 Storm

A Word For Your Family / 6 VIEWS

Ep 29 Jesus - Friendship

A Word For Your Family / 6 VIEWS

Ep 5 Thai Scrambled Tofu

Good Food Kitchen / 6 VIEWS

Another Thai style recipe. This time to spice up a scrambled tofu dish.

Ep 7 Thai Ginger Coleslaw

Good Food Kitchen / 6 VIEWS

Ginger coleslaw prepared, Thai style.

Ep 5 Money

Masterstroke / 6 VIEWS

Wall Street bankers voted themselves $28 billion in bonuses, while 2.8 billion people struggled on less than $2 per day. What can the history of art teach us about the "rights" and "wrongs" of money?

Ep 5 Lost & Found

Masterstroke / 6 VIEWS

Have you ever lost something and got totally frustrated because you can't find it? Discover the mystery in the painting "The Lost Drachma" by artist James Tissot, who is the women? what has she lost?

Ep 9 Jesus the Messiah

Mysteries Unearthed / 6 VIEWS

Many claim Jesus was just a good man like Buddha or Muhammed. However Jesus claimed to be God in human flesh. He was either a liar, or crazy or truly God to make such an audacious claim.