Ep 1 Parenting Tweens

Help! I Am A Parent / 3 VIEWS

In this episode, guest Dr Jiwan Moon gives his advice on how to be better parents during these transitional periods in your child's life.

Ep 1 Adolescence

Help! I Am A Parent / 3 VIEWS

Adolescence is a critical period of transition from childhood to adulthood. Join guest speaker Dr Jiwan Moon on this topic.

Ep 9 - Arms & Cardio Workout: Workout with Alisha

Exercise with Alisha / 3 VIEWS

Get your cardio done with Alisha in just ten minutes.

Ep 19 Do you dare?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Do you trust God enough to jump right into stormy waters? Pastor Bayu shares how his relationship with his son, like our relationship with God, can result in tangible actions characterised by trust.

09 - Spiritual Health

Live It / 3 VIEWS

Depression is the biggest single mental illness in America.

10 - Vegetarian Diet

Live It / 3 VIEWS

Want to decrease your chances for chronic disease? Researchers found that a vegetarian diet does just that.

Ep 5 - Giant Beans

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 3 VIEWS

Join Gia and Olive in the kitchen as they make a classic Greek dish.

Ep 10 - Corn Salsa

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 3 VIEWS

This healthy salsa is a great accessory for any of your favourite snacks.

Ep 34 A bad smell

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

When Pastor Jiahong came home from his holiday, he was greeted by a bad smell in the home.

Ep 48 The best reunion dinner

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Sometimes, festive gatherings can trigger feelings of missing loved ones who are no longer around.

Ep 50 Scarcity to sufficiency

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

When medical supplies are scarce and worry looms, Pastor Lionel comforts us with God's assurance that He will supply all our needs.

Ep 76 | Fruit Of The Spirit

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Durian is arguably the king of fruits. But what about the fruit of the King? Pastor Jia Hong reveals the most amazing fruit we'll ever need.

Ep 89 | What is essential?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

In a crisis, what is essential? Pastor Johnny reminds us during this Circuit Breaker period of what is what is essential to our spiritual life.

Ep 3 The Stoning of Stephen

Masterstroke Mini Series / 3 VIEWS

Why did Rembrandt paint the face of Stephen as the same face as Saul?

Ep 104 | Looking forward to Paradise

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

When tensions are high, and the situation looks bleak, it can be difficult to imagine a better, kinder, more gentler world to come. Pastor Bayu helps us to look forward to the good that is to come.

Ep 105 | Mother's Day

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

It's Mother's Day! Let's think of creative ways to show our love and affirmation to our mothers, just as Pastor Chuen Rong did in this video.

Ep 107 | Isolation

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Social distancing, safe distancing and other measure might make you feel isolated from others but Pastor Isagani shares with us a comforting thought, where God is ever present even in these times.

Ep 108 | Catch of the day

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

What can we learn about God's purpose for us, from Pastor Bayu's trip to the aquarium? (Pardon the audio)

Ep 6 Through the Clouds

Animal Encounters / 3 VIEWS

Our three adventurers look at life from a different perspective while taking a unique hike 50 meters above the ground. Then, the adrenaline rush hits Gabi hard as the girls zoom through the trees on a ziplining tour.

Ep 113 | Peace

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

The noise and discomforts of life can be distracting. Pastor James shares how to find peace within.

Ep 114 | Essential oil

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

To help stamp out the spread of COVID-19, we need to keep a safe distance but we can still add value to someone else's life. Pastor Bayu explores a simple yet effective way to share comfort and care in these trying times.

Ep 7 - Opportunity

Let's Pray (Live) / 3 VIEWS

There are times when it can feel suffocating as the pressures close in and options dwindle. But God is at work, and hears our desperate sighs. Recorded live on 21 May 2020 (Host: Pastor Johnny Wong)

Ep 115 | What lies ahead

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

As Singapore looks forward to the easing of the Circuit Breaker restrictions from June 2, Pastor Christon turns out attention to what what we can look forward to even further beyond.

Ep 124 | Loving my neighbour

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Have you thought about how helping someone else might lighten your own load? Pastor Lionel shares his thoughts about the intangible rewards he got while on a food distribution run.








全人生活新指南-烹饪篇 (Cooking Series) / 3 VIEWS


Ep 133 | What is your foundation?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

There are many details that go into designing and building a house. In today's episode, Patsor Bayu reveals the most important component of all, and how that directly affects our spirutual health.

Meatless Loaf

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 3 VIEWS

A vegetarian-friendly meat loaf?

Alfredo Sauce

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 3 VIEWS

We can’t believe it’s not dairy! This creamy plant-based sauce is the perfect topping for your pasta.

Ep 142 | Rejecting normalcy

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

"New normal"… it's a phrase we hear a lot these days. But as Christian do we want to be "normal"? Pastor Igan shares a perspective on why Christians should reject being "normal".

Ep 2 - 在天国创造的婚姻

婚姻指南 The Marriage Guide / 3 VIEWS


Ep 145 | The key to true freedom

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Even though Singapore is currently in Phase 2 of reopening, there are still many restrictions in place, to keep us safe. Pastor James reminds us what true freedom is and how we can access it here and now.

Ep 146 | Innoculation against Sin

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Pastor Bayu had to get a tetanus shot, and it gave him a perspective on how we can innoculate ourselves against the effects of sin. Watch to find out more.

S01E17 - My Conversation with God

Alabaster Jars (Podcast) / 3 VIEWS

"...may I ask You something, Lord? Why did You allow those people to hurt me? If You love me so much, why didn’t You protect me from them?" Key verse — Revelation 21:4 “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Today's episode is read by Bernice Leong.

Ep 3 - Investing in Each Other

Tuesdays Together / 3 VIEWS

What does Lee Hsien Loong's speech at the Cabinet swearing-in-ceremony have in common with spiritual discipleship? Pastors Jia Hong, James and Lionel discuss today.

Ep 152 | A time for everything

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

What inspiration from God did Pastor Lionel get while shopping at Ikea? Using his purchase as a prop, he shares about the most important time in our lives.

Ep 153 | First steps

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Enya has learnt how to walk! Pastor Christon shares a scripture lesson that came to mind as he guides his daughter with her first steps.

3. How to Deal with Your Defiant Child

Smart Parents / 3 VIEWS

Do you have a defiant child? This episode will teach you how to help your child learn obedience through proper ways of communicating and a strong relationship with your child.

8. Is Technology Good for My Child

Smart Parents / 3 VIEWS

Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master. In this episode of Smart Parents, learn to manage and leverage technology well for the good of your children.


316 音乐事工 (MVs) / 3 VIEWS

现今世界真是多事之秋人心惶惶,上帝在末世给世人一个非常重要的警告信息,那就是三天使信息 作曲:林合安 作词 :曾美芳 编曲:韦乐明 歌词: 三位天使有三个警告 不能不听是最后呼召 绝不是庸人自扰 是圣经如 此宣告 应当敬拜那造天地海 众水泉源的真神主宰 巴比伦城已倾倒 跪拜兽像的有祸了 三天使特别的信息 必要传给万国万民 凡有耳的都当听 预备救主的降临 不可再耽误延期 你可有永生上帝的印记 主的羊听主声音 爱他真道和诫命 将来会有大筛动时期 你是麦子还是糠秕 为永生建造品格 时刻仰望主圣德 等到晚雨倾降那一 刻 你要与天使配合

Ep 5 - How Far Will You Go To Study?

Tuesdays Together / 3 VIEWS

The Straits Times reported that Malaysians studying at Singapore universities are expected to walk across the Causeway over the next few weeks as the universities resume their semester this month. Pastors Johnny, Christon and Bayu draw parallels to the distance Christians will go to study God's word.

Ep 160 | How do we spend our time?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Jesus is returning soon. While we are waiting how should we spend this time we have? Pastor James has some suggestions.

Ep 161 | We are created to do more

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

What does a dustbin have to do with our purpose in life? Pastor Chuen Rong draws an interesting parallel between a viral game and our direction in life.

Ep 162 | Can we do betta?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

A new pet and its associated care and costs, inspired Pastor Bayu with thoughts of the nurturing our spiritual lives require for constant growth.

Full body stretch

Exercise with Alisha / 3 VIEWS

Long hours on an office chair can give you great back and shoulder stiffness. This full body stretch promises to ease muscle tension for a relaxed nighttime rest.

Ep 167 | Better together

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

A thoughtful gift from an old friend, reminds Pastor Chuen Rong of the beautiful benefits of friendship, especially with God.

Ep 179 | A public declaration of love

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Last weekend, Pastor Johnny welcomed a new member into the family of God through baptism. May the joy of this blessed occasion, spur us to deepen our relationship with God.

Ep 190 | You are never alone

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

When you feel like no one understands, and you have to bear your burdens alone, Pastor Igan wants you to know…

Ep 8: Debt - Mortgages

Stupid Money / 3 VIEWS

Should I buy a house for cash or get a mortgage? Most of us will have to get a mortgage, but there’s many different kinds. Which one is right for you? Watch now, and we’ll help you figure it out!

Ep 195 | Be wary and alert

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

What do jellyfish have to do with Satan's tempations? Pastor Christon explains.

Ep 52 - 站姿平衡

要健康就运动 Exercise for Better Health / 3 VIEWS

教练: Cherry

Ep 54 - 腹部核心综合训练

要健康就运动 Exercise for Better Health / 3 VIEWS

教练: Cherry

EP09 Manna Park

Finding Home / 3 VIEWS

Finding Home is in Manna Park, a church community of different ages, nationalities, and life experiences, who all love and support one another as they seek to live out God's awesome plan for them

Ep 6: Self Forgiveness

Forgive To Live / 3 VIEWS

The biggest barrier to self-forgiveness may be our own resistance to it.

Recipe 9 - Delightful Dukkah

The Healthy Foodie / 3 VIEWS

Dukkah is a flavourful fusion of nuts, herbs, seeds, and spices. Sprinkle this spice blend topping on soups, salads, eggs, avocado toast, sautéed veggies, or anything to give it an earthy flavour and yummy crunch! Or mix it with olive oil and use it as a dip.

Ep 6 Clarence

Revv Up / 3 VIEWS

Cancer took the life out of Clarence’s family. Can good truly come out of human suffering?

Recipe 12 - Bread & Bean Salad

The Healthy Foodie / 3 VIEWS

Do you have some leftover bread that's expiring soon? Fret not! This recipe will transformed your old bread into a hearty healthy salad.

Ep 343 | Have you ever felt like your life is running out of power?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

What do we need to do, to prevent burnout? Pastor Chuen Rong has a suggestion.

Ep 347 | Have you been heeding God's calling to surrender?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Pastor Bayu draws some important parallels between the Japanese surrender during World War 2 and our own spiritual surrender.

Ep 376 | How is a sunset like the Sabbath?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Pastor Lionel has seen a lot of sunsets in his time, but this one was extra special. Find out why.

Ep 379 | How can we renew our strength daily?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

What is the best way to renew our daily strength? Pastor Bayu has an answer for you in this video.

Ep 383 | Are loud prayers more effective?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Pastor Christon uses his new keyboard to illustrate an important aspect of prayer.

生命树 | 第91集 | 与神建立关系重要吗?

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / 3 VIEWS

本日经文 [詩 篇 139:23] " 神 啊 , 求 你 鉴 察 我 , 知 道 我 的 心 思 , 试 炼 我 , 知 道 我 的 意 念 "

Ep 28 Recognizing & Managing ADHD

Speak Up / 2 VIEWS

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a childhood disorder that affects as many as 1 out of 10 children in the United States. Find out how to identify if a child has ADHD or if they are just a normal active child?

Ep 2 A Good Heart

Miraculous You / 2 VIEWS

Did you know that Your heart is able to contract without interference from your brain?

04 - Chinese Cabbage Salad

Ready, Set…Cook! / 2 VIEWS

Did you know Chinese cabbage is in the same family as broccoli and cauliflower?

05 - Pumpkin Curry

Ready, Set…Cook! / 2 VIEWS

Did you know pumpkins are considered a fruit? Full of vitamins and antioxidants, pumpkins are a great addition to your diet…

06 - Vegetables Stir Fry

Ready, Set…Cook! / 2 VIEWS

Stir-fries are probably the tastiest and easiest way to eat our vegetables, and you can always add or substitute different ingredients according to what you have in the kitchen.

09 - Green Curry

Ready, Set…Cook! / 2 VIEWS

Green curry is a classic Thai flavor that is loved all around the world. Try out this easy vegetarian green curry recipe today!

11 - Pumpkin Hummus

Ready, Set…Cook! / 2 VIEWS

A dip, a sauce, a dressing, the possibilities with this healthy pumpkin hummus are endless!

13 - Pineapple Stir Fry

Ready, Set…Cook! / 2 VIEWS

Sweeten up your stir-fry by adding some pineapple! This mouthwatering dish is the perfect mix of sweet and savory with just a little crunch.

Ep 5 Erik Stenbakken - The Porn Tidal Wave_ Sink or Swim

New Freedom To Love / 2 VIEWS

The harm porn causes is like an iceberg: mostly unseen until the damage is done. But what then? Can those with a pattern of use (or addiction) heal? Yes! This overview includes the habit loop, biochemistry, and the influence of community. If you would like to speak to someone regarding an issue you are facing, write to us!

Ep 8 Troy Beans - Before I Say I Do

New Freedom To Love / 2 VIEWS

Troy Beans will teach the science behind our God-created sexuality and describe how our habits and brain chemistry affect our relationships. Come hear how to protect your brain by making wise choices now to help you have the best sex of your life. If you would like to speak to someone regarding an issue you are facing, write to us!

Ep 5 Brain Health

Facts With Hope / 2 VIEWS

Grateful people take better care of themselves.

Ep 6 Salt & Your Health

Facts With Hope / 2 VIEWS

Most adults are unaware about their recommended daily sodium intake.

Ep 9 Sleep

Facts With Hope / 2 VIEWS

Electronic devices are depriving us of our sleep due to the presence of artificial light.

Ep 12 Children and exercise

Facts With Hope / 2 VIEWS

Researches recently reported, only 31% of teens that by age of 15 met the recommended amount of daily physical activity

Ep 8 Soap

A Word For Your Family / 2 VIEWS

Ep 12 Road

A Word For Your Family / 2 VIEWS

Ep 21 Mother-In-Law

A Word For Your Family / 2 VIEWS

Mother-In-Law 6083967062001

Ep 23 Mind

A Word For Your Family / 2 VIEWS

Ep 30 Jesus - Comfort

A Word For Your Family / 2 VIEWS

Ep 43 Death

A Word For Your Family / 2 VIEWS

Ep 53 Abandon

A Word For Your Family / 2 VIEWS

Ep 8 Love, responsibility and respect

Help! I Am A Parent / 2 VIEWS

In this episode, Dr Cesar & Carolann DeLeon emphasize that for parents to instill respect in their kids, parents need to show them love and let them know that they are valued.

Ep 9 Stewardship

Help! I Am A Parent / 2 VIEWS

In this episode, Dr John and Janice Matthews explain that one of the fundamental aspects of stewardship is happiness.

Ep 3 The Mystery of Miracles

Masterstroke / 2 VIEWS

This week, Masterstroke examines what the greatest art in history tells us about the mystery of miracles.

Ep 27 Placards and Protest In France

Lineage Journey / 2 VIEWS

In their desire to see the Reformation advanced in France, some decisions were made that ultimately proved extremely costly.

Ep 28 John Calvin- The Work in Geneva

Lineage Journey / 2 VIEWS

Geneva would become almost a Protestant version of Rome. Many reformers would pass through this city in the 16th century from all over Europe …

Ep 30 Scandinavian Reformation

Lineage Journey / 2 VIEWS

The Reformation swept across Europe in the 16th century, creating strongholds in Germany, Switzerland, England and Scotland leaving a trail of conflict and martyrdom in its wake…

Ep 31 William Tyndale

Lineage Journey / 2 VIEWS

Voted as the 26th top Briton of all time on a BBC poll, William Tyndale sits comfortably amongst the most significant reformers.

Ep 33 John Knox- Scotland's Greatest Reformer

Lineage Journey / 2 VIEWS

John Knox started his ministry as a two handed sword carrier to protext George Wishart, but after his death he picked up the mantle

Ep 5 As Essential As Bread

Tree Of Life / 2 VIEWS

Bread is considered a food staple in Bible times. In Singapore, it might be rice or noodles. Today, Pastor Johnny Wong shares about the best nutrition for spiritual growth.

Ep 12 A New Home

Tree Of Life / 2 VIEWS

Pastor Christon shares his reflections as he creates a cosy nest for his new office pet.

Ep 13 When night falls

Tree Of Life / 2 VIEWS

How do you spend your evenings? Pastor Bayu shares how we can maximise our evenings to recharge and find true peace.

Ep 3 Disconnect to Connect

Help! I Am A Parent / 2 VIEWS

Find out how to get your teenage children off their devices and connect with us.

Ep 4 Teen Mental Health

Help! I Am A Parent / 2 VIEWS

Join Dr Julian Melgosa in this episode, in understanding mental health issues, exploring the warning signs and the steps we can take to help our teens.

Ep 18 Be prepared

Tree Of Life / 2 VIEWS

Pastor Jia Hong got a rude shock when he got to his check-in counter at the airport and found it closed! Watch to find out what happened and his reflections on this incident.