Ep 349 | What have you done in your life that you would like erased?

Tree Of Life / 5 VIEWS

Pastor Christon uses his daughters' favourite toy to explain how we can erase the mistakes we've made.

Ep 350 | Where do you go when you need to refresh and relax?

Tree Of Life / 5 VIEWS

Pastor Igan shares his method for finding some peace.

Ep 3 Your First Battle

Miraculous You / 4 VIEWS

Did you know that you have almost been killed by your mother immune system in your first months of life?

07 - Mung Bean Soup

Ready, Set…Cook! / 4 VIEWS

Here we have a special recipe for you featuring the mung bean! It is full of nutrients and serves as a great way to get some meat-free, healthy protein.

Ep 11 Unplugged - Erik Stenbakken

New Freedom To Love / 4 VIEWS

New Freedom to Love Producer and Speaker Erik Sten Bakken sits down to have a chat with you.

Ep 13 Unplugged - Bernie Anderson

New Freedom To Love / 4 VIEWS

Pastor, Speaker, and Coach Bernie Anderson sits down to have a chat with you.

Ep 3 Healthy Relationships

Facts With Hope / 4 VIEWS

Eating together as a family can help achieve better health, positive social outcomes and even better performance at work and in school.

Ep 17 Overtime

Facts With Hope / 4 VIEWS

A recent study found that working overtime regularly increases the risk of heart disease by 60%.

Ep 3 Washed

A Word For Your Family / 4 VIEWS

Ep 32 Holy Spirit - Promise

A Word For Your Family / 4 VIEWS

Ep 2 Curried Chickpeas & Brown Rice

Heart Healthy Kitchen / 4 VIEWS

A fresh and brothy noodle soup, for when you want the convenience and tastiness of instant noodles—but healthier!

Ep 4 Teriyaki Brinjal Steaks with Red Bean Rice

Heart Healthy Kitchen / 4 VIEWS

Call it brinjal, eggplant, or aubergine, this purple fruit is often overlooked because of its slightly “slimy” feel, but this Japanese-inspired dish will leave you asking for more

Ep 6 Tofu Larb in Lettuce Wraps with Barley Rice

Heart Healthy Kitchen / 4 VIEWS

Did you know firm tofu makes for a great meat replacement, both in texture and as a source of protein, making it perfect for this vegetarian version of the famous Lao meat salad?

Ep 10 Parenting Partnerships

Help! I Am A Parent / 4 VIEWS

In this episode, Edwina Neely and Carolann DeLeon iterate that parents should firstly, be co-parenting their children with God.

Ep 4 Doubting Thomas

Masterstroke / 4 VIEWS

The painting "The incredulity of Thomas" by Caravaggio, depicts the most notorious example of doubt in history. So why did Thomas have such doubts, and how did he resolve them?

Ep 4 The Hittites & The Mesha Stele

Mysteries Unearthed / 4 VIEWS

How was the lost civilisation of the ancient Hittites was discovered?

Ep 7 The Conversion of St Paul

Masterstroke Mini Series / 4 VIEWS

See how a horse is the feature of this painting and how Paul was made lower than the animals.

Ep 12 Bohemian Reformation - Huss & Jerome

Lineage Journey / 4 VIEWS

The small region of Bohemia, located in modern day Czech Republic, was home to two mighty heroes of the reformation

Ep 13 Bohemian Reformation - Trial of Huss & Jerome

Lineage Journey / 4 VIEWS

In 1415 the Council of Constance convened to settle the papal schism and deal with 'heresies' that were arising. Two men from Bohemia would find themselves there.

Ep 14 Bohemian Reformation - Burned for Their Faith

Lineage Journey / 4 VIEWS

Burned for their faith, Huss and Jerome approached the stake as if they were attending a wedding not a martyrdom.

Ep 23 Martin Luther- Here I Stand

Lineage Journey / 4 VIEWS

Despite his relatively young age and lack of experience, Martin Luther was not swayed by pressure or opinion.

Ep 25 Martin Luther- Protest of the Princes

Lineage Journey / 4 VIEWS

The name ‘Protestant’ dates back to a meeting in the town of Speyer, Germany and 8 Princes protested against the abuse of power…

Ep 37 Thomas Cranmer- Cowardice And Courage

Lineage Journey / 4 VIEWS

Thomas Cranmer would go from a peaceful life at Cambridge University to being the Archbishop of Canterbury, then a prisoner in the Tower of London…

Ep 40 The Gunpowder Plot

Lineage Journey / 4 VIEWS

In 1605 there would be another attempt to forcibly remove the King of England, though this time the chosen method was to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

Ep 41 The Mayflower

Lineage Journey / 4 VIEWS

The Mayflower ship sailed from England to America in 1620 and would change history forever.

Ep 46 John Wesley & George Whitfield

Lineage Journey / 4 VIEWS

John Wesley and George Whitfield would have a huge impact on Christianity throughout the world.

Ep 3 School, Study Skills and Homework

Help! I Am A Parent / 4 VIEWS

In this episode, we talk about school, study skills and homework.

Ep 16 Homesick for Heaven

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Do you get homesick? On his holiday, Pastor James shares about his true feelings about going home and how he looks forward to the heavenly home with Jesus.

Ep 17 Fears

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Do you know that on average only 8% of a person's fears are truly legitimate? Pastor Johnny Wong shares comfort from scripture on how we can face our fears with courage.

Ep 3 - Lower Body Workout A: Workout with Alisha

Exercise with Alisha / 4 VIEWS

Train your lower body with only 2 Exercises of 7 sets with Alisha!

Ep 14 - Legs and Cardio Workout B: Workout with Alisha

Exercise with Alisha / 4 VIEWS

Get ready for summer with this great ten-minute workout from Alisha.

Ep 21 Beholding

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

What does it mean to "behold the Lord"? Pastor Johnny Wong suggests 3 ways we can include more of God's influence in our lives.

Ep 23 Showing love and support

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

What does a trip to Lucky Plaza have in common with God's love and support? Pastor Igan explains in 50 seconds.

Ep 27 It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Which is your favourite month of the year? Pastor James shares why December is his favourite time of the year and the special meaning behind this festive season.

Ep 3 - Hubby's Pesto

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 4 VIEWS

This plant-based pesto is dairy-free and healthy for you! Toss it with some pasta for an easy weeknight meal.

Ep 2 - Sushi Balls

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 4 VIEWS

Sushi with avocados? Learn this quick and easy recipe with Gia and Olive!

Ep 38 What exactly does God want?

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

How do we do what God wants, if we don't know exactly what that is?

Ep 41 A different side to ministry

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Do pastors ever get tired and weary? What happens when the ministers needs ministering? Pastor Bayu shares how we can draw strength from vulnerability.

Ep 44 Just keep doing

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Pastor Bayu's son has a new hobby. Find out what this child's fun activity can teach us about our role in God's plans.

Ep 62 Where Do You Store Your Stress?

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Using a jar of coins as an object lesson, Pastor Isagani explains what we should watch out for when faced with worries.

Ep 77 | A Father's Love

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

What sacrifices would you make for someone you love? Pastor Lionel shows us the parallel of sacrificing for his kids with God's sacrifice for us.

Ep 87 | What is good friday?

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Today is Good Friday. What is Good Friday? Pastor James explains the meaning behind Good Friday.

Ep 88 | Small things, big impact

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Viruses, mustard seeds. What do they have in common? Pastor Lionel has an answer.

Ep 92 | Being kind under pressure

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Sometimes, being cooped too much, can lead to increased friction. Pastor Lionel shares a deeply personal insight on what it means to love under pressure.

Ep 97 | The strength to pull through

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Parents, is HBL (home based learning) and the Circuit Breaker breaking you to the point of exhaustion? Pastor Lionel has some encouragment for you.

Ep 98 | When plans go awry

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

What do you do when the plans you've made go awry? Where can you find comfort when you're dealing with bitter disappointment? Pastor Isagani draws from his own personal experience and points us to words of hope.

S01E02 - Caves are for the Bears

Alabaster Jars (Podcast) / 4 VIEWS

"Is there anything more difficult than a relationship? Even your best friend can sometimes make you want to spit…"

S01E08 - The 12-Year Old Prayer

Alabaster Jars (Podcast) / 4 VIEWS

"Twelve years ago, my brother’s relationship came to a bitter end when his girlfriend left him and took with her their twin sons…"

S01E07 - Consistent God

Alabaster Jars (Podcast) / 4 VIEWS

"Every professional whose column or book I have read claims that consistency is the key to well-behaved, obedient children. Yet, I struggle to stay consistent with my two young sons…"

Ep 8 - Wait on the Lord

Let's Pray (Live) / 4 VIEWS

Are you worried about your next paycheck or whether your children will be safe? Recorded live on 28 May 2020 (Host: Dr Eric Teo)

Ep 127 | Adding flavour to life

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Jesus once told his disciples they were the “salt of the earth.” What did He mean by this? Why did Jesus compare our lives as Christians to salt? By looking at uses of salt in the past and present, Pastor Johnny Kan teaches us what Jesus meant when he called us to be the salt of the earth.

Ep 129 | Practical spirituality

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

What is our function as Christians? Using olive oil as an illustration, Pastor Bayu shares insights of a balanced Christian walk.


全人生活新指南-烹饪篇 (Cooking Series) / 4 VIEWS


Summer Rice Salad

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 4 VIEWS

This fresh dish is perfect for weekday dinners and summer get-togethers.

Tapioca Breakfast

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 4 VIEWS

Start off your mornings with this tropical tapioca breakfast.

Ep 139 | Craving for God's word

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Why does the apostle Peter insist we must crave God's word? Pastor Chuen Rong shares a good reason in his devotional vlog today.

S01E14 - Bliss is in the Constants

Alabaster Jars (Podcast) / 4 VIEWS

"Make a list of the constants that break the mundane in your life. Recognize the little things that add bliss to your ordinary day." Key verse — James 1:17 “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.” Today's episode is read by Sheena Quek.

Ep 148 | Liverpool wins

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Liverpool won the English Premiere League. An event that fans have long awaited for. Pastor Chuen Rong has also waited long for an even greater event. Watch to find out what it is.

Ep 150 | SafeEntry not required?

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

There is Someone who knows your whereabouts even without you checking into SafeEntry. Pastor Isagani shares how that Someone is intimately connected to us and cares for us.

Ep 2 - Wins and Losses

Tuesdays Together / 4 VIEWS

After 30 years, Liverpool soccer team finally won the Premier League! But the very next match they played, they lost. Pastor James, Christon and Johnny discuss the spiritual implications of wins and losses.

4. How to Deal with Your Spoiled Brat

Smart Parents / 4 VIEWS

Sometimes you might not even know that you have a spoilt brat! This episode gives you helpful methods on imparting values to your child such as gratitude, the value of things and respect for others.

7. How to React when Your Child Loses Self Control

Smart Parents / 4 VIEWS

In this episode of Smart Parents, learn how as the superstar of your child's life, you can model self-control and build positive interactions with your child.

Tuesdays Together Ep 8 - It's OK Not To Be OK

Tuesdays Together / 4 VIEWS

"The period shortly after Singapore reported its first coronavirus case in January was characterised by community bonding and optimism that things will soon return to normal. That lasted for about two months or so. Singapore is now in the disillusionment phase, and more cases of anxiety and depression can be expected in the coming months…" Pastors Jia Hong, James and Bayu talk about how we can embrace disillusionment, and discover opportunity and hope.

Ep 2 - 冠心病的罪魁祸首之一:胆固醇 The culprit behind heart disease: cholesterol

文明人文明病 Modern Man Modern Disease / 4 VIEWS

文明人文明病:冠心病系列。心脏内科专家朱中安医师在这集节目里和观众讨论胆固醇。朱医师告诉我们,其实植物食品里是没有胆固醇的。而动物制品里的胆固醇分好与坏。胆固醇在血管里的时间长了,就会形成血管阻塞,然后造成冠心病。内科对冠心病的治疗方法,首先必须降低血液里的三酸甘油酯和胆固醇。主要有几种方法: 控制饮食,改变生活方式,药物治疗和搭桥手术。

Ep 6 - 基隆警察局少年队 - 认识毒品远离毒害

健康新知 Health News / 4 VIEWS

根据统计全球每12秒就有一个学龄的孩童第一次尝试了违禁药品. 如何的来让我们的青少年远离毒品? 基隆少年队警察队的高载强侦查员来分享.

Episode 6: Unlikely Friends

The Dig / 4 VIEWS

A fierce storm rolls through as the team makes their final discoveries. Jared's investment pays off, and new best friends say goodbye.

EP03 Kaitaia

Finding Home / 4 VIEWS

Finding Home is in the far north town of Kaitaia. In a place where unemployment is high and the future of many uncertain we meet the drug dealer who became a preacher. The teacher from Japan who helps the underprivileged reach their true potential, and the mothers who run kids clubs every week for the children in the local street. All a group of people who come from very different backgrounds yet have found a place to serve the community around them.

Ep 250 | 24/7 God

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

What does online shopping have to do with God's presence? Pastor James explains.

Recipe 1 - Four-ingredient Chocolate Mousse Pie

The Healthy Foodie / 4 VIEWS

This four-ingredient recipe doesn't require any baking, and it's fantastic enough for special occasions, charming even the biggest chocolate mousse lover.

Recipe 7 - Barley Spring Rolls

The Healthy Foodie / 4 VIEWS

Filled with the healthful benefits of herbs, this Vietnamese-inspired spring rolls give you the chewy crunchiness that promise to whet your appetite.

Ep 281 | What assurances can I have when in despair?

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Pastor Johnny shares a tragic story and what we can learn about the reliability of God's promises.

Ep 321 | Is the COVID-19 vaccine the mark of the beast?

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Pastor Igan tells how you can what is the real mark of the beast.

Testimony - Dealing with Failure

Better Heart, Better Mind, Better Spirit / 4 VIEWS

All his life, Andrew Phua has earned himself a place in the best schools in Singapore. But one academic failure helped him gain much more than the rest of his academic success. Watch to find out what he gained in the process.

Testimony - Managing Grief

Better Heart, Better Mind, Better Spirit / 4 VIEWS

Margaret's journey of recovery after the sudden loss of her husband.

Ep 371 | How do I know that God will take care of me?

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Every Wednesday, Pastor Johnny Wong cycles along East Coast Park. This experience in nature prompts him to think about God's care for all of us.

Ep 374 | What can I do when I'm too tired?

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

We all have those days where we feel tired and overworked. How do you handle yourself then? Pastor Bayu answers that question with a little inspiration from God's word

Ep 385 | Do you believe that God knows you by name?

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Pastor James shows us how God not only knows our given name, but who we are before we were born.

Ep 422 | How can we calibrate our spiritual lives?

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Staying spiritually consistent can be a challenge. Listen to Pastor Johnny explain how to calibrate our spiritual life. This is the last episode of 'Tree of Life. Thank you for watching and may God bless you always.

02 - Pad Kra Pao

Ready, Set…Cook! / 3 VIEWS

Pad kra pao is one of Thailand’s most popular street foods. In our recipe, we show you how to make it 100% meat-free with …

14 - Bitter Gourd Salad

Ready, Set…Cook! / 3 VIEWS

This famously bitter vegetable helps with the digestion process and provides the body with vitamin C. Try this fun, tangy salad today!

Ep 3 Wendy's Story

New Freedom To Love / 3 VIEWS

Wendy shares her struggle with her self-image after she found about her husband's pornography addiction.

Ep 13 Eating & Sleeping

Facts With Hope / 3 VIEWS

An hour between eating and sleeping reduces the risk of stroke by 66%.

Ep 16 Having a Pet

Facts With Hope / 3 VIEWS

According to the American Heart Association, having a pet may lower the risk of heart disease.

Ep 19 Vegetables and the Heart

Facts With Hope / 3 VIEWS

A recent study found that those that watched 6 hours of TV a day could expect to live neary 5 years less.

Ep 9 Singing

A Word For Your Family / 3 VIEWS

Ep 15 Poison

A Word For Your Family / 3 VIEWS

Ep 16 Peace

A Word For Your Family / 3 VIEWS

Ep 17 Patience

A Word For Your Family / 3 VIEWS

Ep 20 Night

A Word For Your Family / 3 VIEWS

Ep 24 Mercy

A Word For Your Family / 3 VIEWS

Mercy 6083971373001

Ep 37 Grace

A Word For Your Family / 3 VIEWS

Ep 44 Day

A Word For Your Family / 3 VIEWS

Ep 5 Come Dine With Me

Dogtales / 3 VIEWS

Cyrus is a typical Labrador. He loves food. In fact, he scoffs food down so quickly his stomach never registers it is full. In this program Cyrus teaches us the big difference between eating and dining.

Ep 7 Persia in Bible Prophecy

Mysteries Unearthed / 3 VIEWS

Why is the Cyrus Cylinder important in knowing historical accuracy, and does it have any knowledge of the future?

Ep 5 The Love Letter

Masterstroke Mini Series / 3 VIEWS

Have you ever received a love letter? Not just an email but a hand written letter?

Ep 15 Bohemian Reformation - Hussite Wars

Lineage Journey / 3 VIEWS

It was hoped by some that the death of Huss and Jerome would signal an end to the work in Bohemia but this was not to be the case.

Ep 26 John Calvin- Early Years In France

Lineage Journey / 3 VIEWS

Though his greatest work would occur in Switzerland, John Calvin began his life near Paris.

Ep 29 Geneva- International Hub of Reform

Lineage Journey / 3 VIEWS

It would seem that nearly everyone who made a significant impact in the 16th century reformation passed through Geneva.

Ep 42 Martin Luther - The Protest Is Not Over

Lineage Journey / 3 VIEWS

Martin Luther’s protest 500 years ago has been debated at length. Is it still valid?