Time With My Lord | Horace & Team

Unplugged / 207 VIEWS

Overcome by grief at the sudden passing of her husband, Margaret Goh found solace in pouring out her heart to God… in poetry.

Tony & Carol - Living with Fragile X Syndrome

Heart to Heart / 178 VIEWS

"It felt like a death... of our dreams, hopes and expectations. There was no cure," said Tony.

ANTS: Power of One in a Colony (Ep 1)

Creatures, Teach Us! / 26 VIEWS

What is tiny, black and has a huge bum? Ants! Eukie, Xian, and Guio tell us all about Ants and how every little ant has an important role to play for their whole colony to thrive.

Ep 12 - Functional Workout: Workout with Alisha

Exercise with Alisha / 24 VIEWS

It’s just ten minutes but you’ll do seven functional exercises!

Microwave Potato Chips

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 22 VIEWS

Fat-free, oil-free microwave potato chips—a savoury treat without the extra kilograms.

Best Gluten-Free Pancakes

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 16 VIEWS

These pancakes are so good, you'll find it hard to believe that it's both vegan and gluten-free!

打开你心窗 Open the Door of your Heart

316 音乐事工 (MVs) / 15 VIEWS

你是否曾被伤害,以致无法与人交心呢? 你是否曾遭背叛,以致不能互相信任呢? 你是否被罪捆绑,对于上帝的呼召充耳不闻呢? 不要再封闭自己了!今天就打开你的心窗,让耶稣基督进入你的生命中,做你的中保, 做你的救赎,与耶稣同行,也与天使同唱! 我们携手共进,一同加油! 作曲:陈大全 作词:曽美芳 编曲:韦乐明 歌词: 不要再逃闭, 请打开你心窗, 迎接救主那慈爱的阳光, 走出人生幽谷 不需要等峰回路转, 主能使你阴霾全消散。 越过了大海, 又想征服高山, 你的心是否被欲望捆绑? 就算让你赢得了 全世界又怎么样, 永生幸福却被你输光! 副: 让我们手牵着手, 牵着主爱的手, 心连着心,连着主爱的心; 让我们与主同行, 不再追逐虚幻, 把握时光,追求生命的内涵。 (手牵着手,我们一起加油!)

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing | Denise & Ralph

Unplugged / 15 VIEWS

A modern acoustic twist to a well-loved 18th-century Christian hymn

Ep 1 The Secret of Nuremberg

The Incredible Journey / 12 VIEWS

Adolf Hitler could have saved himself, his people and the world a lot of heartache and agony if only he’d taken note of an ancient prophecy, cast in stone, above the entrance to the old town hall, in Nuremberg. This amazing prophecy written 2600 years ago accurately predicted the future of Europe, the outcome of World War Two and the fate of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and it also contains a message for us today. Don’t miss it!

God Has Chosen You | Sheena Quek

Unplugged / 9 VIEWS

Healthcare frontliners out there. THANK YOU for the sacrifices that you have made to care for those in pain.

Uncle Ange's Hummus

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 8 VIEWS

You can never have too many recipes for hummus. This one is with orange rind!

Ep 4 Pastor Sven Östring

Revv Up / 7 VIEWS

How did a post-doctoral engineer at the peak of his career leave it all to share the gospel full-time?

Ep 5 Jenny Lai

Revv Up / 7 VIEWS

Cancer gave her just six months to live. Why is Jenny still thankful?

Recipe 13 - No cook soup

The Healthy Foodie / 7 VIEWS

Who needs smoothies when you have no-cook soups? Cool and refreshing, this no-cook soup is the perfect dish to complete your meal, preserving the maximum goodness of raw vegetables - enzymes, vitamins and minerals and all.

DOGS: Leading Through Loyalty (Ep 3)

Creatures, Teach Us! / 7 VIEWS

What has a wet nose, four legs and can smell very well? Dogs! Evan, Katelyn, and Seth share what we can learn from dogs about how we show love to our families.

KING PENGUINS: Persevering Through Hard Times (Ep 5)

Creatures, Teach Us! / 7 VIEWS

What has big bellies, wings that cannot fly and lives in the cold? Penguins! Gillian, Samantha, and Giselle talk about how King Penguins endure bitter cold conditions to reproduce and care for their babies and how we can learn to endure adversity through perseverance.

Ep 2 The Secret of Die Schachspieler

Masterstroke / 6 VIEWS

The painting is called "The Chess Players". It's a desperate scene of a man losing his soul to the devil—or is it? What is the secret this painting hides?


蔬食GO健康 / 6 VIEWS


都好 All Is Well

316 音乐事工 (MVs) / 6 VIEWS

人生无论是喜是乐,或生或死,只要有耶稣在你身边,一切都好。 作曲:林合安 作 词:曾美芳 编曲:Wayne Khin 歌词: 认识主实在好 人的根源已找到 本以为在世彷惶无助原来有倚靠 我的心不再逃 因他完全的爱已将我套牢 主基督我至宝 是美好中的美好 我愿意接受千锤百炼让他来塑造 就算有大风暴 我心却不害怕因主手环绕 主的爱太奇妙 得救至今忘不了 是他救我脱离绝望泥沼 爱也好恨也好 只要有主就够了 他是我主深知何对我最好 明天事谁能料 要信主也当趁早 是谁的心还未让主摸着 有也好没也好 救恩人人都需要 可愿让主作你审判的中保

Ep 1: My Life Is Your Fault

Forgive To Live / 6 VIEWS

What happens when life turns out to be not so fair after all? How can we best respond to the hurtful things that happen to us?

Recipe 7 - Barley Spring Rolls

The Healthy Foodie / 6 VIEWS

Filled with the healthful benefits of herbs, this Vietnamese-inspired spring rolls give you the chewy crunchiness that promise to whet your appetite.

Testimony - Learning to Really Love

Better Heart, Better Mind, Better Spirit / 6 VIEWS

Oi Lin's experience of learning what love really means.

MEERKATS: Working Together Makes things Better (Ep 6)

Creatures, Teach Us! / 6 VIEWS

What eats beetles, loves to dig and has light brown fur? This one is tough. It's the Meerkat! Yani, Arza, and Terza explore how Meerkats work in a mob to keep their babies safe and their family fed, and how our families also rely on teamwork.

Ep 4 C.S Lewis

The Incredible Journey / 5 VIEWS

Before he turned 10 years of age, his mother died of cancer. So a young C. S. Lewis turned his back on God and became a militant atheist. Even being almost killed in the trenches of the Somme in 1918 didn’t change his mind. Yet from that angry and confused young man, Lewis went on to become someone who stood up and brought hope to his nation in the darkest hours in World War II. What made C. S. Lewis change his mind and go on to become one of the twentieth century’s strongest advocates for Christianity? Many have read his books. Now you can find out the true story of C. S. Lewis the man.

04 - Standing

Live It / 5 VIEWS

It may seem harmless, but sitting for extended periods of time could lead to serious health problems.

Recipe 5 - Cashew Cream Five-Ways

The Healthy Foodie / 5 VIEWS

Looking for a soba sauce, pasta sauce, vegetable dip, waffle topping or even healthy sour cream? Look no further with this highly versatile cashew cream recipe. Just a simple tweak in the seasoning and you can get a savoury or sweet sauce, dip or topping for your appetiser, main or dessert!

Recipe 9 - Delightful Dukkah

The Healthy Foodie / 5 VIEWS

Dukkah is a flavourful fusion of nuts, herbs, seeds, and spices. Sprinkle this spice blend topping on soups, salads, eggs, avocado toast, sautéed veggies, or anything to give it an earthy flavour and yummy crunch! Or mix it with olive oil and use it as a dip.

Ep 6 Clarence

Revv Up / 5 VIEWS

Cancer took the life out of Clarence’s family. Can good truly come out of human suffering?

Ep 348 | Are you running for gold or for God?

Tree Of Life / 5 VIEWS

Would you give up the chance at an Olympic medal if it clashed with your day of worship? Pastor Johnny tells of one such person.

Ep 349 | What have you done in your life that you would like erased?

Tree Of Life / 5 VIEWS

Pastor Christon uses his daughters' favourite toy to explain how we can erase the mistakes we've made.

Ep 350 | Where do you go when you need to refresh and relax?

Tree Of Life / 5 VIEWS

Pastor Igan shares his method for finding some peace.

生命树 | 第77集 | 让我们成为上帝希望我们成为的人

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / 5 VIEWS

本日经文 [哥林多后书 5:17] "若有人在基督里,他就是新造的人,旧事已过,都变成新的了。”

SQUIRRELS: Saving for a Rainy Day (Ep 2)

Creatures, Teach Us! / 5 VIEWS

What has tiny hands and feet, bushy tails and parachute when they fall? Squirrels! Zane, Zaneta, and Michael Jay unpack the squirrels's unique habit of gathering and storing food for tough times.

CATS: Curious Desire to Learn (Ep 4)

Creatures, Teach Us! / 5 VIEWS

What has whiskers, long tails and sharp claws? Cats! We learn about growth mindsets from Isaac, Javen, and Joanna's discussion of the insatiable curiosity in a cat's psyche.

01 Vegetarian Pad Thai

Ready, Set…Cook! / 4 VIEWS

Pad Thai features a mouthwatering mix of salty, sweet, and sour flavors that we just can’t resist, and we make it vegetarian!

12 - Chia Seed Pudding - 4 ways

Ready, Set…Cook! / 4 VIEWS

Craving something a little sweet? Try this wonderfully versatile chia seed pudding that gives your body the fiber it needs!

Ep 4 Mike Tucker - Stinkin' Thinkin'

New Freedom To Love / 4 VIEWS

Mike Tucker will discuss how pornography interacts with marriage and relationships. Mike gives straight-forward direction on reconnecting with God. Healing, grace, and encouragement are the watchwords of this session. If you would like to speak to someone regarding an issue you are facing, write to us!

Ep 5 The Battle Box Singapore

The Incredible Journey / 4 VIEWS

Fort Canning is located in the middle of Singapore. From this colonial fort, you can trace the rise and fall of great empires and re-live one of the most important battles in history – one that provides insights into the Universal Battle and the war behind all wars.

03 - Pomegranates

Live It / 4 VIEWS

Drinking a daily glass of pomegranate juice can halve the build-up of harmful proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

生命树 | 第58集 | 我们将来要期待什么?

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / 4 VIEWS

本日经文 [创世记 1:1] " 起初,神创造天地。"

Ep 321 | Is the COVID-19 vaccine the mark of the beast?

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Pastor Igan tells how you can what is the real mark of the beast.

Ep 371 | How do I know that God will take care of me?

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Every Wednesday, Pastor Johnny Wong cycles along East Coast Park. This experience in nature prompts him to think about God's care for all of us.

生命树 | 第80集 | 我们可以用扫地机器人学到什么?

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / 4 VIEWS

本日经文 [诗篇 51:10] "神啊,求你为我造清洁的心,使我里面重新有正直的灵。”

Ep 374 | What can I do when I'm too tired?

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

We all have those days where we feel tired and overworked. How do you handle yourself then? Pastor Bayu answers that question with a little inspiration from God's word

Ep 385 | Do you believe that God knows you by name?

Tree Of Life / 4 VIEWS

Pastor James shows us how God not only knows our given name, but who we are before we were born.

Ep 7 Bernie Anderson - The Poison of Pornography

New Freedom To Love / 3 VIEWS

Bernie Anderson spent years addicted to pornography while serving as a pastor. He reveals what led to real personal breakthrough, and the power of the unexpected truths he discovered about recovery, sobriety, and freedom. If you would like to speak to someone regarding an issue you are facing, write to us!

Ep 1 Bircher Muesli

Good Food Kitchen / 3 VIEWS

Healthy muesli bowl recipe with almond, orange juice and other assorted fruits

Ep 2 Falafel Wrap

Good Food Kitchen / 3 VIEWS

A mediterranean style wrap of falafel paired with a tahini dressing.

Ep 1 The Rosetta Stone

Mysteries Unearthed / 3 VIEWS

Deciphering the Rosetta Stone not only opened up the history, culture and religious practices of the ancient Egyptians but has also helped to reveal the substantial historicity of the ancient texts.

Ep 1 Storm On The Sea of Galilee

Masterstroke Mini Series / 3 VIEWS

Why did Rembrandt paint himself as a disciple of Christ? Why is he holding onto his hat and a rope on the boat?

Ep 12 A New Home

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Pastor Christon shares his reflections as he creates a cosy nest for his new office pet.

Ep 1 - Lower Body #1 - 10-Minute Workout with Alisha

Exercise with Alisha / 3 VIEWS

Get off your butt and let our resident personal trainer, Alisha, takes us through a lower body workout.

08 - Mediterranean Diet

Live It / 3 VIEWS

Research shows that we should eat fatty foods. That is, the healthy ones like olive oil, to fight bad cholesterol.

Ep 3 Pastor G. T. Ng

Revv Up / 3 VIEWS

How did an 18 year old find the conviction to disobey his father and follow God to a foreign country in the midst of a civil war?


全人生活新指南-烹饪篇 (Cooking Series) / 3 VIEWS


Fruity Ice Cream

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 3 VIEWS

A fresh-fruit and processed-sugar-free alternative for the summer season.

Summer Rice Salad

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 3 VIEWS

This fresh dish is perfect for weekday dinners and summer get-togethers.

Tapioca Breakfast

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 3 VIEWS

Start off your mornings with this tropical tapioca breakfast.

也许有一天 Maybe The Day Will Come

316 音乐事工 (MVs) / 3 VIEWS

若不是亲眼所见,许多人对身边的事都难以完全信任;既或是亲身经历,也许也会有人说不能作准...... 那如果有一天,上帝说给你一个全新的生命,你相信吗? 如果有一天,上帝说赐你永恒的平安,你愿意接受吗? 也许你曾是不信的,但只要你亲身体会上帝的恩典与慈爱,你会知道自己不该。 只要你相信,并依靠耶稣,因祂的爱,你会得救. 词曲:林合安 歌词: 也许有一天,你会不相信, 耶稣的爱,向你显明; 于是你会想:"我应不应该 打开心门让他进来?" 就在这一天,你会不相信, 自己曾说:"我不会接受的, 我真的不会接受的。" 当主的慈爱,充满你心中, 你会知道自己不该。 当你漂荡在这罪恶人群之中, 痛苦失望一定会有; 但你能体会主爱是多么奇妙 于是你会再一次说:"我真的相信了。" 其实你不必再怀疑自己, 过去的罪能否除去? 只要你相信并倚靠耶稣, 因他的爱,你会得救。

芥菜种 Mustard Seed

316 音乐事工 (MVs) / 3 VIEWS

耶稣说:「我实在告诉你们,你们若有信心,像一粒芥菜种,就是对这座山说:『你从这边挪到那边』,它也必挪去。」《马太福音17:20》 作曲:林合安 作词:曽美芳 编曲:Wayne Khin 歌词: 主耶稣他曾经这么说,主耶稣他曾经这么说, 如果你有信心,好像一粒芥菜种,你就能,你就能, 吩咐大山从原处挪到一旁! 芥菜种虽小,将来却能变大树, 因它吸收养料越长越牢固, 领受神的话,信心会由小变大, 什么困难什么障碍都不怕。


316 音乐事工 (MVs) / 3 VIEWS

现今世界真是多事之秋人心惶惶,上帝在末世给世人一个非常重要的警告信息,那就是三天使信息 作曲:林合安 作词 :曾美芳 编曲:韦乐明 歌词: 三位天使有三个警告 不能不听是最后呼召 绝不是庸人自扰 是圣经如 此宣告 应当敬拜那造天地海 众水泉源的真神主宰 巴比伦城已倾倒 跪拜兽像的有祸了 三天使特别的信息 必要传给万国万民 凡有耳的都当听 预备救主的降临 不可再耽误延期 你可有永生上帝的印记 主的羊听主声音 爱他真道和诫命 将来会有大筛动时期 你是麦子还是糠秕 为永生建造品格 时刻仰望主圣德 等到晚雨倾降那一 刻 你要与天使配合

生命拼图 Life's Puzzles

316 音乐事工 (MVs) / 3 VIEWS

“ 生命拼图 ” 这首歌是同名电影主题曲,该电影由316音乐事工的成员陈大全和他的团队 ”Through Lord Ministry"制作,该电影中的女主角陈美君, 是马来西亚ntv7明星偶像总冠军2007,她是演员,节目主持人” 也是316成员之一。 316音乐事工非常荣幸能邀请到知名音乐组合动力火车为这首歌录制演唱,这也是动力火车的第一首福音诗歌。这首歌也将被收录在316的第六张新专辑中。 希望这首 “ 生命拼图 ” 能带给你生命中的领悟。在我们的人生中,只要我们邀请耶稣进入我们的生命里,祂那里有最美的蓝图,必定能为你我拼凑出美丽的生命拼图。 -- 作曲:林合安 作词 :曾美芳 编曲:韦乐明 有些东西虽美丽悦目 却是陷阱能叫人万劫不复 有时一念之差铸成的大错难弥补 对于罪应坚决地说不 人的一生就好像一幅拼图 东拼西凑寻找所要的幸福 一心想追求完美 结果却伤痕累累 生命拼图也变得支离破碎 每个人的心中 都有一个无底洞 越是追求心灵越虚空 所做一切就像在捕风 永恒主所赐的福使人富足 不会带来任何忧虑或痛苦 何不让祂来介入 何不让祂来重组 在祂那里已有最美的蓝图 #动力火车#powerstation

Dynamic stretch workout

Exercise with Alisha / 3 VIEWS

Put your body in active motion with this dynamic stretch that can help you warm up for your day's activities.

Ep 8: Debt - Mortgages

Stupid Money / 3 VIEWS

Should I buy a house for cash or get a mortgage? Most of us will have to get a mortgage, but there’s many different kinds. Which one is right for you? Watch now, and we’ll help you figure it out!

Ep 4: Reframing The Past

Forgive To Live / 3 VIEWS

Learn how to reframe your perspective in this episode.

Ep 6: Self Forgiveness

Forgive To Live / 3 VIEWS

The biggest barrier to self-forgiveness may be our own resistance to it.

Ep 281 | What assurances can I have when in despair?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Pastor Johnny shares a tragic story and what we can learn about the reliability of God's promises.

Recipe 12 - Bread & Bean Salad

The Healthy Foodie / 3 VIEWS

Do you have some leftover bread that's expiring soon? Fret not! This recipe will transformed your old bread into a hearty healthy salad.

Ep 17 | How can I honor my parents more?

Tree of Life (Youth Edition) / 3 VIEWS

Scripture Verse for the day | [Exodus 20:12] "Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.”

Ep 343 | Have you ever felt like your life is running out of power?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

What do we need to do, to prevent burnout? Pastor Chuen Rong has a suggestion.

Ep 347 | Have you been heeding God's calling to surrender?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Pastor Bayu draws some important parallels between the Japanese surrender during World War 2 and our own spiritual surrender.

Ep 376 | How is a sunset like the Sabbath?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Pastor Lionel has seen a lot of sunsets in his time, but this one was extra special. Find out why.

生命树 | 第81集 | 为什么基督徒不买 4D?

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / 3 VIEWS

本日经文 [提 摩 太 前 書 6:9-10] "但 那 些 想 要 发 财 的 人 , 就 陷 在 迷 惑 、 落 在 网 罗 和 许 多 无 知 有 害 的 私 欲 里 , 叫 人 沉 在 败 坏 和 灭 亡 中 。贪 财 是 万 恶 之 根 。 有 人 贪 恋 钱 财 , 就 被 引 诱 离 了 真 道 , 用 许 多 愁 苦 把 自 己 刺 透 了 。"

Ep 379 | How can we renew our strength daily?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

What is the best way to renew our daily strength? Pastor Bayu has an answer for you in this video.

Ep 383 | Are loud prayers more effective?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Pastor Christon uses his new keyboard to illustrate an important aspect of prayer.

Ep 422 | How can we calibrate our spiritual lives?

Tree Of Life / 3 VIEWS

Staying spiritually consistent can be a challenge. Listen to Pastor Johnny explain how to calibrate our spiritual life. This is the last episode of 'Tree of Life. Thank you for watching and may God bless you always.

Ep 9 Your Stem Cells

Miraculous You / 2 VIEWS

Stem cells specialize on different tissues and organs. Within the nucleus of every cell in the body, the complete DNA is found.

14 - Bitter Gourd Salad

Ready, Set…Cook! / 2 VIEWS

This famously bitter vegetable helps with the digestion process and provides the body with vitamin C. Try this fun, tangy salad today!

Ep 14 Rest

A Word For Your Family / 2 VIEWS

Ep 25 Memory

A Word For Your Family / 2 VIEWS

Ep 6 Better Than Ice Cream

Good Food Kitchen / 2 VIEWS

A healthier approach to ice cream

Ep 8 Sri Lankan Balti

Good Food Kitchen / 2 VIEWS

Sri Lankan curry dish, with pumpkin or butternut squash.

Ep 7 Health and the child

Help! I Am A Parent / 2 VIEWS

In this episode, Dr Katia Reinert discusses and emphasizes how parents can get their child interested in physical activity, cultivating a preference for healthier food when they are young

Ep 3 The Dead Sea Scrolls

Mysteries Unearthed / 2 VIEWS

Dead Sea Scrolls are significant in revealing that the Old Testament manuscripts have essentially remained unchanged through the last 2200 years.

Ep 10 The Lost City in the Sea

Mysteries Unearthed / 2 VIEWS

Is the Bible is both historically accurate and prophetically dependable? What do the Bible’s ancient predictions of Tyre reveal to us.

Ep 8 Mote and The Beam

Masterstroke Mini Series / 2 VIEWS

Have you ever had someone criticize you but you know they've done far worse things than you?

Ep 10 Two Children Teasing a Cat

Masterstroke Mini Series / 2 VIEWS

Why did the Dutch have the saying, "whoever plays with cats gets scratched"?

Ep 10 Magna Carta- The Foundation of Freedom

Lineage Journey / 2 VIEWS

The Magna Carta is one of the most important documents in history, yet many have never heard of it or read it in full.

Ep 35 The Waldensians Meet the Reformation

Lineage Journey / 2 VIEWS

After being isolated for many years, in the 16th century the Waldenses would meet with the leaders of the reformation.

Ep 45 The Origins of Methodism

Lineage Journey / 2 VIEWS

Today the Methodist church spans the globe, yet its birth was unintentional and its roots go back to a Bible study group at Oxford University.

Ep 2 - Christmas Edition - Joy to the World

Fountainview Music / 2 VIEWS

This is the perfect music video to set the mood for your Christmas party. All your Christmas classics sung on a train ride to the snowy mountains.

01 - Nuts

Live It / 2 VIEWS

When it comes to your health, it’s okay to go a little nuts. Especially since heart disease is so prevalent in our country.

02 - Reusable Grocery Bags

Live It / 2 VIEWS

Reusable grocery bags may also carry dangerous bacteria.

05 - Laughter and Memory

Live It / 2 VIEWS

When we laugh, the stress hormone, cortisol, decreases and thus, our short-term memory will improve.

06 - Avocados & Almonds

Live It / 2 VIEWS

Let’s focus on two foods that we should eat if we want to lose weight—avocados and almonds.

07 - Water

Live It / 2 VIEWS

Drink at least five glasses of water every day to lower your risk for heart disease.

13 - Legumes

Live It / 2 VIEWS

Want to decrease your risk of having a hip fracture? Eat more beans!

Ep 4 - Best Mac & Cheese

Cooking with Gia & Olive / 2 VIEWS

Your kids will never guess that this macaroni and cheese is filled with veggies! This is Gia's favourite recipe for healthy macaroni and cheese and it's sure to become one of your family's favourites too.

Ep 12 The Raising of the Cross

Masterstroke Mini Series / 2 VIEWS

Who is the man crucifying Jesus and lifting up the cross?