Tony & Carol - Living with Fragile X Syndrome

Heart to Heart / 25 LIKES

"It felt like a death... of our dreams, hopes and expectations. There was no cure," said Tony.

Ep 2 Pastor Doug Batchelor

Revv Up / 11 LIKES

How did the son of a millionaire caught in a depressive life of crime and drugs find God while living in a cave?

Ep 88 | Small things, big impact

Tree Of Life / 11 LIKES

Viruses, mustard seeds. What do they have in common? Pastor Lionel has an answer.

Ep 44 Just keep doing

Tree Of Life / 10 LIKES

Pastor Bayu's son has a new hobby. Find out what this child's fun activity can teach us about our role in God's plans.

Ep 87 | What is good friday?

Tree Of Life / 10 LIKES

Today is Good Friday. What is Good Friday? Pastor James explains the meaning behind Good Friday.

Ep 15 Managing Life’s Transitions

Speak Up / 9 LIKES

Starting a new job, moving to a different country, getting married, becoming a parent, and the long-waited retirement—all of these are life transitions. Discover how to cope with stressful and joyful transitions.

Ep 1 Walking With God

Tree Of Life / 9 LIKES

Pastor Isagani shares reflections on walking with God just as Enoch walked with God.

Ep 1 Storm On The Sea of Galilee

Masterstroke Mini Series / 9 LIKES

Why did Rembrandt paint himself as a disciple of Christ? Why is he holding onto his hat and a rope on the boat?

Ep 58 Learning To Be Content

Tree Of Life / 9 LIKES

Contentment is not automatic, nor is it a natural attitude. Rather, it is a learned skill. Pastor Johnny explains what it means to be contented.

Ep 62 Where Do You Store Your Stress?

Tree Of Life / 9 LIKES

Using a jar of coins as an object lesson, Pastor Isagani explains what we should watch out for when faced with worries.

Ep 89 | What is essential?

Tree Of Life / 9 LIKES

In a crisis, what is essential? Pastor Johnny reminds us during this Circuit Breaker period of what is what is essential to our spiritual life.

Ep 108 | Catch of the day

Tree Of Life / 9 LIKES

What can we learn about God's purpose for us, from Pastor Bayu's trip to the aquarium? (Pardon the audio)

Ep 128 | Fine dining or fast food?

Tree Of Life / 9 LIKES

If you could choose, would you dine on fast food or fine dining? Pastor Christon reminds us of the importance of a nutritionally balance spiritual diet.


颂赞主恩音乐节目 Praise The Lord Music Show / 9 LIKES


Ep 21 Setting Healthy Boundaries

Speak Up / 8 LIKES

Boundaries are essential to healthy relationships and a healthy life. Having boundaries means knowing our limits. Discover how to set healthy boundaries!

Ep 1 Pastor Wintley Phipps

Revv Up / 8 LIKES

How did a high schooler that almost dropped out of school become a singing evangelist that ministered to millions including presidents and Mother Theresa?

Ep 8 Love, responsibility and respect

Help! I Am A Parent / 8 LIKES

In this episode, Dr Cesar & Carolann DeLeon emphasize that for parents to instill respect in their kids, parents need to show them love and let them know that they are valued.

Ep 8 Loved and Lost

Tree Of Life / 8 LIKES

Have you ever loved and lost someone? Pastor Christon shares a slice of his office life and how we can look forward to a place where there will be no more cause for loss.

Ep 12 A New Home

Tree Of Life / 8 LIKES

Pastor Christon shares his reflections as he creates a cosy nest for his new office pet.

Ep 22 Speedy help

Tree Of Life / 8 LIKES

What's faster than a bullet train? Pastor Jiahong reveals a fast source of help in times of trouble.

Ep 32 How have I lived my life?

Tree Of Life / 8 LIKES

In a survey of 50 old folks over the age of 95, a question was posed: "If you could live your life over again, how would you live differently?"

Ep 47 Who's hungry?

Tree Of Life / 8 LIKES

While some shops may close for the long Lunar New Year break, somehow there's always food to be found and bought. But what if someone is starving for more than food?

Ep 79 | Every Second Counts

Tree Of Life / 8 LIKES

The saying goes that time is precious and life is short. Perhaps that's why we always seem to be in a rush. Pastor Isagani wants you to know this simple truth about time constraints.

Ep 119 | Building relationship

Tree Of Life / 8 LIKES

During the Circuit Breaker, we have been spending time with our loved ones via various digital platforms. Pastor Chuen Rong reminds us of a relationship that we need to maintain that is more important than any other.

Ep 134 | Keep being still

Tree Of Life / 8 LIKES

Phase 2 is finally here and life seems to be returning to it's usual busyness. What did you do during the Circuit Breaker that you'd like to keep doing? Pastor Johnny Wong has a suggestion on what we should keep doing.

Ep 136 | A Painful Price

Tree Of Life / 8 LIKES

Flying his drone on a beautiful beach, an incident taught Pastor Johnny a painful lesson. Watch and find out what spiritual lesson we can learn from his story.




Ep 16 Overcoming Depression & Sadness

Speak Up / 7 LIKES

Depression affects more than 300 million people of all ages globally and it is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Sadly, twice as many women are affected by depression than men.

Ep 6 Your First Breath

Miraculous You / 7 LIKES

Did you know that you spend 90% of your time sleeping in your mother's womb?

Ep 9 Miso Udon with Braised Tau Kwa

Heart Healthy Kitchen / 7 LIKES

A simple vegetarian take on the Japanese classic with just five main ingredients, two of which can be easily replaced with whatever vegetables you have in the fridge.

Ep 1 The Secret of Nuremberg

The Incredible Journey / 7 LIKES

Adolf Hitler could have saved himself, his people and the world a lot of heartache and agony if only he’d taken note of an ancient prophecy, cast in stone, above the entrance to the old town hall, in Nuremberg. This amazing prophecy written 2600 years ago accurately predicted the future of Europe, the outcome of World War Two and the fate of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and it also contains a message for us today. Don’t miss it!

Ep 1 Compromise & Controversy

Lineage Journey / 7 LIKES

We begin our journey with an event that changed the Christian landscape immeasurably - the conversion of Constantine.

Ep 13 When night falls

Tree Of Life / 7 LIKES

How do you spend your evenings? Pastor Bayu shares how we can maximise our evenings to recharge and find true peace.

Ep 20 Learning never stops!

Tree Of Life / 7 LIKES

On a visit to his alma mater, Pastor Christon shares his reflections on our unending journey of growth in Christ.

Ep 52 Looking to the light

Tree Of Life / 7 LIKES

Do you have a certain fear of what may be lurking just beyond the reach of the light or hiding in the shadows? Pastor Christon challenges us break free from the fear of the dark and what lies within it.

Ep 69 Hope In Seperation

Tree Of Life / 7 LIKES

We feel a deep and aching pain when someone we love is no longer with us. We wish we can spend time with them forever. Pastor Jia Hong tells how we can make that happen.

Ep 76 | Fruit Of The Spirit

Tree Of Life / 7 LIKES

Durian is arguably the king of fruits. But what about the fruit of the King? Pastor Jia Hong reveals the most amazing fruit we'll ever need.

Ep 91 | Who is in charge?

Tree Of Life / 7 LIKES

When we acknowledge God, it means that we recognize he is God, and we accept His authority in what we are doing. Pastor SK shares some ways we can let go, and let God be in charge.

Ep 100 | Speak God’s word into your life

Tree Of Life / 7 LIKES

Tree of Life celebrates it’s 100th episode today! Our hosts come together to speak the power of God’s word into our lives in unison as we face uncertainty amidst the pandemic we are facing today. (Best moments footage available too!)

Ep 102 | Being Remembered

Tree Of Life / 7 LIKES

How can you bring joy into someone else's life while stuck at home? Pastor Johnny Wong shares a sweet little something someone did for him and a challenge for us today.

Ep 112 | Good gifts

Tree Of Life / 7 LIKES

What good gifts does God have in store for us during this Circuit Breaker? Pastor James encourages us trust God's heart for us despite the uncertainty of the crisis.

S01E09 - La Sentinelle Girl

Alabaster Jars (Podcast) / 7 LIKES

"If the police stopped us (often because they were hoping we’d pay a bribe), we’d give them a Sentinelle…"

Ep 122 | God's peace

Tree Of Life / 7 LIKES

We are living in troublesome times with financial turbulences, riots and other crazy news. Pastor James shares how we can find peace during this chaotic period.

Ep 130 | Powered by God

Tree Of Life / 7 LIKES

What's driving you in your pursuit of excellence and personal fulfillment? Pastor Johnny Kan explains why our self-reliance begins with relying on God's power.

Ep 139 | Craving for God's word

Tree Of Life / 7 LIKES

Why does the apostle Peter insist we must crave God's word? Pastor Chuen Rong shares a good reason in his devotional vlog today.

Ep 4 - 夫妻之间的沟通-1

婚姻指南 The Marriage Guide / 7 LIKES


Ep 143 | The gift of serving

Tree Of Life / 7 LIKES

Has social distancing made you miss the sense of connection with others? Pastor Johnny Wong has a suggestion on how to experience community in a meaningful manner.

基督徒家庭無字 24

基督徒家庭 A Christian Family / 7 LIKES



颂赞主恩音乐节目 Praise The Lord Music Show / 7 LIKES


生命树 | 第43集 | 圣诞的意义到底是什么?

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin) / 7 LIKES

本日经文 [以賽亞書9:6] "因有一婴孩为我们而生; 有一子赐给我们。政权必担在他的肩头上; 他名称为奇妙策士、 全能的神、 永在的父、 和平的君。"

Ep 20 The Grieving Process

Speak Up / 6 LIKES

Grieving the death of a loved one is an individual process. However, not surprisingly, men and women are profoundly different on how they experience grief. Find out what could help you in this painful process.

Ep 7 Fight or Flight

Miraculous You / 6 LIKES

Have you ever wondered why you are capable of extraordinary things when you're in danger?

Ep 12 Road

A Word For Your Family / 6 LIKES

Ep 37 Grace

A Word For Your Family / 6 LIKES

Ep 4 Obedience and Love

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Does God only love us when we are obedient to Him? Pastor Jia Hong shares.

Ep 6 Waldenses - People of the Valleys

Lineage Journey / 6 LIKES

The Church in the Wilderness of Revelation 12:6,14 is perhaps best illustrated by the experience of the Waldensians.

Ep 7 A Work-in-Progress

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Feeling like your life is as messy and chaotic as a construction site? Pastor Isagani shares reflections on how God is at work in our lives.

Ep 9 Like Fungus

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Have you thought of how synergies work? Pastor Bayu brings this alive with an illustration about his favourite food.

Ep 11 What inspires you?

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Do you have a favourite quote that inspires you every time you read it? Pastor Johnny Wong shares his favourite inspirational chapter in the Bible.

Ep 14 What is that one thing?

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

What if God asks you today, "What do you want Me to do for you?" What would you say?

Ep 8 - Butt and Thighs - 10-Minute Workout with Alisha

Exercise with Alisha / 6 LIKES

Want some toned butt and thighs? Our resident personal trainer, Alisha makes us work for it in a series of leg kicking and squat exercises.

Ep 11 - Arms and Cardio #1 - 10-Minute Workout with Alisha

Exercise with Alisha / 6 LIKES

Get your heart pumping as Alisha takes us through a back-to-back arms and Cardio workout

Ep 19 Do you dare?

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Do you trust God enough to jump right into stormy waters? Pastor Bayu shares how his relationship with his son, like our relationship with God, can result in tangible actions characterised by trust.

Ep 25 What is heaven like?

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Returning from his trip to Bali, Pastor James shares his thoughts about what our heavenly paradise will be like.

Ep 28 Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

What is your guiding principle as you make important decisions in your life.

06 - Avocados & Almonds

Live It / 6 LIKES

Let’s focus on two foods that we should eat if we want to lose weight—avocados and almonds.

Ep 31 The Pasar Malam story

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

What spiritual lesson can you draw from a visit to the Pasar Malam (Night Market)? Pastor Bayu shares his reflections amidst the hustle and bustle.

Ep 36 New year possibilities or uncertainties?

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Are you anxious about what the new year would bring?

Ep 40 The right answer

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Can being in the wrong place help Pastor James find the right answers?

Ep 38 What exactly does God want?

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

How do we do what God wants, if we don't know exactly what that is?

Ep 41 A different side to ministry

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Do pastors ever get tired and weary? What happens when the ministers needs ministering? Pastor Bayu shares how we can draw strength from vulnerability.

Ep 45 Deep insights from simple stories

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

One profound understanding derived from two simple stories, told in three verses. Watch Pastor Jiahong explain about what God values.

Ep 46 Keeping above the waters

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

An object lesson with a life buoy. Pastor Isagani tells us how we can stay afloat when the metaphorical waters threaten to drown us.

Ep 55 Feeling Left Out

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

February 14th can be one of the more difficult days of the year if you feel alone.

Ep 59 Taking Precautions To Save Lives

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

The situation with COVID-19 may be worrying. However, Pastor Christon and his fellow church members are taking all the necessary precautions to reduce the risks. But what of the risks to our spiritual lives?

Ep 60 Living In Harmony

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Unlike most woodwind instruments, which have a limited number of keys, pianos have a whopping 88 keys. Each key represents a different note, giving the piano a wide range of sounds. Pastor Jiahong shares his key to cultivating a harmonious community.

Ep 64 Stop Spreading Fake News

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

The rise of misinformation and inaccurate advice on social media could make disease outbreaks such COVID-19 worse. Pastor Christon gives us advice from the Bible on what we should do with rumours and "fake news".

Ep 66 Follow The Spirit

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

The wind is like the spirit. You can't see it but you are able to feel it. You are unable to control it and you can only follow it. Pastor Bayu helps us understand what this tell us about the Holy Spirit's influence on our lives.

Ep 70 Live Like A Kid Again

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Just like a little child who seek their father when they need something, Pastor Christon helps us understand why we need to be like little children and seek our Heavenly Father.

Ep 71 Listen!

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

What doesn't demand the same energy and initiative required in speaking, but is still a critical skill to have in order to improve relationships and understanding? Pastor Johnny Wong reveals this simple skill in today's Tree of Life.

Ep 73 It's Not All Bad News.

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

From politics to disease to climate change to the economy, negative and bad news surrounds us. Where is the reprieve? Pastor Christon tell us where can we find good news that matters.

Ep 77 | A Father's Love

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

What sacrifices would you make for someone you love? Pastor Lionel shows us the parallel of sacrificing for his kids with God's sacrifice for us.

Ep 85 | You Are Not Alone

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Life is going to look a little different for awhile. But we're in this together. Pastor Christon shows us why we can be sure we are not alone.

Ep 86 | A Life-Giving Connection

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Abiding in Jesus having a life-giving connection to him… but what does that look like in real life? Pastor SK gives examples that we can immediately start applying in our lives.

Ep 84 | Taking Precautionary Measures

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Did you know that so far Singapore's prisons remain Covid-free due to precautionary measures? Are there precautionary measures again the influence of sin? Pastor Chuen Rong has an answer.

Ep 92 | Being kind under pressure

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Sometimes, being cooped too much, can lead to increased friction. Pastor Lionel shares a deeply personal insight on what it means to love under pressure.

Ep 98 | When plans go awry

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

What do you do when the plans you've made go awry? Where can you find comfort when you're dealing with bitter disappointment? Pastor Isagani draws from his own personal experience and points us to words of hope.

Ep 101 | Spend time with Jesus

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Chores or children might take up all of your time as a young parent but Pastor Lionel brings home a reminder for all who feel overwhelmed by daily duties.

Ep 104 | Looking forward to Paradise

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

When tensions are high, and the situation looks bleak, it can be difficult to imagine a better, kinder, more gentler world to come. Pastor Bayu helps us to look forward to the good that is to come.

S01E06 - The Call and the Cookie

Alabaster Jars (Podcast) / 6 LIKES

"Our journey of faith that began with a fortune cookie took us into an experience of complete trust in God…"

Ep 109 | He will supply our needs

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

What can we learn about God's providence from a trip to the supermarket? Pastor Christon shares.

Ep 111 | An adventure

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Steven Curtis Chapman called it the "glorious unknown" and "the wild blue yonder of God's Amazing grace". Today, Pastor Lionel asks if you're ready for a great adventure with God?

Ep 118 | Never changing

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

"New normal" — that's the phrase that is being used widely these days. This pandemic has changed the way we live and life will not be the same. Is there anything that we can still be sure of? Pastor Isagani has a reassuring answer.

Ep 123 | One people

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Why do people hate other people? Pastor James talks about the hate-mongering going around in various countries and how God can break down the walls of hostility.

Ep 124 | Loving my neighbour

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Have you thought about how helping someone else might lighten your own load? Pastor Lionel shares his thoughts about the intangible rewards he got while on a food distribution run.

Ep 129 | Practical spirituality

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

What is our function as Christians? Using olive oil as an illustration, Pastor Bayu shares insights of a balanced Christian walk.

Ep 133 | What is your foundation?

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

There are many details that go into designing and building a house. In today's episode, Patsor Bayu reveals the most important component of all, and how that directly affects our spirutual health.

Ep 137 | Our firmness of purpose

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

What does the Bible say about determination? Pastor Johnny Wong challenges us to fix our goals on what matters most.

Ep 138 | Our only security blanket

Tree Of Life / 6 LIKES

Where do you place your trust? What helps you to feel safe and assured? Pastor Christon brings us into his safe space and shares what makes him feel secure.