Ep 4 - 健康的心脏 A healthy heart

文明人文明病:冠心病系列。New Start 第二个字母E: Exercise。心脏内科专家朱中安医师强调运动对一个健康的心血管系统非常有帮助。运动有很多种,如持续步行,骑单车,游泳,又或者是让肌肉強健的运动以及柔软体操之类的运动。另外,朱医师还叮嘱大家多喝水,多晒太阳,三餐定时定量,避免吸烟喝酒,喝茶喝咖啡,等等。最后,高品质的睡眠也至关重要。休息日这一天,他也劝大家要到教堂做礼拜。有喜乐,有交流,有歌唱,有信仰 ,都是基督复临安息会信徒生活方面很重要的一部分。

The Ailings of Modern Life. The second letter of the word New Start is E:Exercise. Dr Daniel Choo, a specialist in heart disease stresses the importance of exercise for a healthy heart. Exercises can range from brisk walking, biking, swimming, muscle-strengthening activity or aerobics. He advises the audience to drink more water, eat regular meals, avoid tea, coffee and alcohol and to go out into the sun more often. Last but not least is the importance of going to service on rest day.

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