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52 Words For Your Family

Scripture made simple. This one-minute devotional brings scripture alive by focusing on one simple word to reflect on. Perfect for family time!

Alabaster Jars (Podcast)

A collection of perspectives on life and spirituality written by women, for women and read by women.

Animal Encounters

Experience God’s creation first-hand and meet people who help rescue, nurture and preserve animals.

Cooking with Gia & Olive

Searching to be guilt-free when eating unhealthy foods? From making Mac and Cheese without the cheese to dairy-free Pesto, Gia and Olive reveal the easy steps to making healthier alternatives under 3 mins!


There are many practical things dogs can teach humans about how to live. Discover some dog wisdom about everyday life.

Exercise with Alisha

Join Alisha in this video series as she goes through different workouts to strengthen and tone different parts of your body all in 10 minutes.

Facts With Hope

Learn helpful evidence-based health tips that can give you an abundant life with Facts with Hope. These 3-minute videos discuss a range of topics relating to health, mental health and personal religion to promote a healthy mind and body.

Fountainview Music

Music videos arranged and orchestrated by students from Fountainview Academy and professionally shot in beautiful Canadian scenery.

Good Food Kitchen

Jeremy Dixon, healthly living advocate and founder of Revive Cafes in New Zealand, shows us how to prepare simple, delicious and healthy dishes that are quick and easy.

Heart Healthy Kitchen

A series of videos featuring wholesome and simple recipes to get you started on your journey to a heathier mind and body. These recipes are entirely plant-based, using affordable local ingredients that can prepared under 15 minutes enough to feed two persons.

Help! I Am A Parent

Dr Claudio and Dr Pamela Consuerga go in depth regarding several issues and challenges parents face in the modern age in raising children to be good, Christ-like individuals.

Let's Pray (Live)

Let's Pray - the place where you don't have to pray alone, is a Facebook Live intercessory prayer session, where viewers can submit their prayer requests and pray together for those in need.

Lineage Journey

Lineage is a multi faceted educational tool that explores our spiritual heritage showing the connection between the past and the present.

Live It

Through an easy-to-understand format with animations highlighting Loma Linda University Health research, our online health show inspires viewers to LIVE IT.


**Season 2 is out!** Masterstroke is a documentary series investigating some of the most famous and interesting religious art in history.

Masterstroke Mini Series

Masterstroke is a documentary series investigating some of the most famous and interesting religious art in history.

Miraculous You

This series focuses on the different miraculous bodily events and processes that occur before, during and after birth from the view point of creationism. This series aims to open up the idea Creationism in a non-conflictual way to those that currently believe in Evolution.

Mysteries Unearthed

Discover the world of archaeology where ancient artifacts hold secrets that speak to us today.

New Freedom To Love

New Freedom to Love is created by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America with the specific goal of raising awareness of the pornography epidemic and giving churches a tool to help members and their families. This 5-part, church-sponsored seminar that opens the subject of pornography up for frank discussion. It provides an educational, holistic look at how pornography affects us bio-chemically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Ready, Set…Cook!

We were created to eat a plant-based diet and avoid meat products to keep our bodies healthy and our minds clear. Fortunately, this doesn’t stop us from making delicious dishes.

Revv Up

**Now with Mandarin subtitles!** Feel like your life is on pause? Watch Revv up and fast forward towards a better you with inspiration from people who experienced life-altering moments with God.

Smart Parents

Do you feel lost in the abundance of parenting materials, many of which have contradictory advice? Using Bible-based parenting principles, this series gives you a simple and constructive set of tips and methods that will help you raise an emotionally healthy child.

Speak Up

Add your opinion to open, honest conversations about mental health and well-being. Join five strong women who balance life and work, while making time to speak up on issues that matter to them.

Stupid Money

Join John Mathews as he experiences the jobs real people do, asking them about the stupid things they’ve done with their money, and what they learned. Some are serious learning experiences and some are just funny. You will wonder, "What were they thinking?"

The Incredible Journey

The Incredible Journey series gives Biblical answers to life’s questions through Pastor Gary Kent.

Tree Of Life

**Watch our 100th episode special!** The Tree of Life devotional vlog follows the life of 7 pastors and their reflections on scripture in the everyday.

Tuesdays Together

Tuesdays Together is a casual gathering of young pastors where they share a Christian take on Singapore’s latest news and current affairs, hitting home the message of hope.


Fears, life decisions, doubts and faith. Uncertainty is a movie, a series, a documentary and a short film featuring stories of real people from different cultures all faced with uncertainty in their lives and how God worked mightily through adversity.

健康新知 Health News

你给我30分钟. 我给你健康一生.

全人生活新指南-烹饪篇 (Cooking Series)


基督徒家庭 A Christian Family

在这个世界上有无数的家庭. 有的家庭过着幸福快乐的生活, 有的家庭在勉强的过日子. 我们是不是要找一位婚姻的设计师, 看一看祂为什么要为人类设计婚姻呢?

婚姻指南 The Marriage Guide


文明人文明病 Modern Man Modern Disease

文明人文明病[中文版]是一套4集的健康节目。在节目中,心脏内科专家朱中安医师将向观众解释什么是冠心病, 讨论胆固醇, 以及如何预防胜于治疗和上医医未病治病的道理。

生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin)




颂赞主恩音乐节目 Praise The Lord Music Show