S01E24 Living It Up


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Hi, you’re listening to Alabaster Jars. A collection of perspectives on life and spirituality written by women, for women and read by women.


I’m Bernice and the title of today’s reading is “Living It Up”


The key verse for today is from Matthew chapter 25 verse 5


It says, (pause) “The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became

 drowsy and fell asleep.”

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The meteorologists were predicting a major snowfall. It was expected to hit around seven in the evening, snow all through the night, and accumulate to at least 12 inches by morning.


As you can imagine, grocery stores, gasoline stations and drug stores were packed with people stocking up on food, medicine, bottled water, toilet paper and whatever else they felt they absolutely needed to endure inclement weather.


The children were especially happy. There’d be no school the next day. So there was no need to get homework done or go to bed at a reasonable hour. The children were going to leisurely wake up to a day off from school. After all, the prediction of a snowstorm came from scientists! Adults too stayed up late watching movies and doing odd jobs around the house in anticipation of waking up to a city virtually paralyzed by a snowstorm.


But when our town awoke the next morning, the disappointment was overwhelming. Not only were the meteorologists wrong, but there was also a heat wave of sorts. Temperatures were at record highs that day!


And so, it seemed, the snow was never going to come as predicted. And none of us were prepared to face a day of work and school.


For me, the reminder that there really is no way of making up for unpreparedness was rather unsettling.


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