Church Service

Are you looking for a refreshing experience with God? Do you desire to worship God with other Christian believers? Visit a church near you or attend an online service.

What are services about? Services begins with praise and worship before diving into the Word of God. Join early to catch the announcements or a fun children's story.

Find a church near you: https://adventist.org.sg/churches/

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all church attendees need to pre-register online before joining the service. Please contact the Pastor of local church for more information.

Or join an online service: https://adventist.org.sg/watch/

Forgive To Live series

Are you feeling bitter about a hurt? Would you like to be freed from that unpleasant feeling?

The Forgive to Live series is an acclaimed six-part video series, hosted by Dr Dick Tibbits, which will show you how to forgive and how being able to forgive can have a literal impact on your health.

You can either follow the video series with its accompanying e-booklet or have a local facilitator walk you through the series.

You can find the Forgive to Live video series at https://hopechannel.sg/watch/show/ml/forgive-to-live

You can either follow the video series with its accompanying e-booklet or have a local facilitator walk you through the series. Register your interest for the materials and/or a facilitator here: https://forms.gle/vgFV6478dMvc5myc7

Parent Support Group

The parent support group consists of small groups of 4-5 families who will support each other in their parenting journey following a Christian parenting resource book such as Help! I am a Parent and Effective Parenting in a Defective World. These sessions are generally conducted once a month via video conferencing on the Zoom platform with one or two families visiting another, keeping to the Safe Management Measures during the pandemic.

If you’re interested to find out more or to join, visit this link: https://forms.gle/E26EpjbnimjCNiQk6

Bible Studies

Are you looking for a deeper satisfaction in life? Or are you desiring a breakthrough in your relationships, health and life?

These in-depth Bible study courses will grow your understanding of God and guide you on practical ways you can enrich your life.

Check out our Creation Health Bible course where you can learn how you can live a longer, fuller life wholistically. Or find out how you can gain a deep peace that surmounts all obstacles. Maybe even experience a deep joy from getting to know a God that loves you.

Find out more about the free courses available here and be connected with a real teacher who will guide you through the course.